Great Botox and Filler Experience With Dr. Anoop Rastogi

Tags: age 45-54 volume loss

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Botulinum toxin A

Performed 2016

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I had thought about getting cosmetic injections for a long time. When I looked the mirror, I felt tired and I was aging. I felt like life’s experiences showed on my face. I wanted a refreshed appearance and went from being nervous about getting botox and dermal filler injections to being excited.

I had my injections done by Dr. Anoop Rastogi, a cosmetic surgeon here in Australia. One of my coworkers had recommended I visit him and told me he was a trainer for Allergan.

Dr. Rastogi was very nice during my appointment. He described Botox as a 'wrinkle relaxing injection.' I thought that was cute. He explained to me that I needed Botox injected into my forehead, around my eyes and on the sides of my mouth. That would be followed by fillers injected underneath my eyes and around my mouth/chin area. The injections did not hurt and the whole process took perhaps 30 minutes. I had no pain, bruising or markings following my injections and it took a few days for the Botox to fully kick in.

Getting these injections was a really easy experience. I love how they have enhanced my natural beauty and brought out a more youthful look in my face. I feel 100% better now about myself. These injections have improve my confidence and given me amazing results.


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