Great Breast Implant Revision Surgery With Dr. Hovsepian

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Breast implant revision


Performed 2016

Procedure review

I first had my breast implants done in 2012 and by 2016 I became interested in having revision surgery. The implants I had were round and spaced far apart. I'm a personal trainer, compete in many physical competitions (Tough Mudder, Triathlons, etc.) and often wear tight clothing. I needed my breasts to look more normal than they did. 

My First Breast Augmentation Surgery

I got implants the first time because of self-confidence. I had been considering the idea for quite a long time. I was 23 when I got them done and it was something I had spoken to my family about and they were really supportive. At the time, I had lost a lot of weight and since breasts are fatty tissue, I was pretty much left with nothing. When you look your best, you feel your best. Or at least that's what I've always told myself. I wanted a confidence boost and that's why I originally got implants. I thought that getting my breasts done would make me feel more self-confident and more feminine.

Nearly five years later I no longer liked the way my breasts looked. My implants capsulated, so they weren't sitting in my chest correctly. They settled quite far apart and I had a wide gap in the middle of my chest. I wanted a natural look and that's not at all what I had. My breasts looked very fake.

Back when I got my implants, I kind of rushed into picking a doctor. Many of my friends were getting implants and I was insecure about my chest, so I rushed to get them. I don't think the plastic surgeon I picked was very good at his craft and that's probably why my implants shifted so much.

My Breast Implant Revision Surgery

The second time around I wasn't going to make the same mistake I made the first time. After thoroughly reading all about breast revision surgery, I believed I had a capsular contracture and the build up of scar tissue was what caused my implant malposition. The one plastic surgeon in my area who had great reviews and before/after photos was Dr. Raffi Hovsepian.

Before contacting Dr. H, I did some research on him to make sure he was a board certified plastic surgeon and searched the court database to see if he had any pending patient lawsuits against him. I had actually ruled out another doctor because I found 2 malpractice lawsuits against him. Dr. H came back clear, so that was a plus in his favor.

My Consultation

At my consultation I was surprised to learn that the problem with my implants were not what I had originally thought. Dr. H explained that both of my breasts had bottomed out. The implant pocket was too lax at the bottom and needed to be repaired and reinforced with a mesh. My nipples appeared too high because my implants were too low, especially with my left breast. I was told my issue was likely caused by an over dissection of the pocket, which may have been due to the significant weight I lost prior to my first surgery. (Or maybe I was right and my first surgeon wasn't that good!)

The icing on the cake for me picking Dr. H was that a close friend of mine had a breast augmentation with him 6 months before and her results looked amazing. I wouldn't have needed a breast implant revision if I had originally gone to him!

Leading Up To Surgery

My biggest concern leading up to surgery was that because I was a personal trainer, taking time off from surgery would prevent me from going to the gym. That made me a bit nervous, knowing that my body was going to take a bit of hit from staying out of the gym for a few weeks. I am required to be in shape as a trainer, so I knew I would have to adjust my diet if I was going to take a few weeks off. Not being able to train others for two weeks had a financial impact on me too.

Surgery Day

My surgery took about 2.5-3 hours to complete. This was longer than my first breast implant surgery, but that was because it wasn't a simple implant exchange. I was put under general anesthesia, so as far as I was concerned, the procedure went by in a flash.

To my surprise, waking up from surgery I was not groggy. I felt somewhat refreshed, like I had taken a quick nap. I didn't really have any pain either, which was likely from pain relievers injected into my body during surgery.


The recovery from this surgery was easier than my first augmentation surgery. I was very sore but my pain was controlled with the prescription painkillers I was given. I think part of the reason this recovery was easier is that I was both physically and mentally more prepared. Physically, I was at a healthy bodyweight. The first time I had surgery, I wasn't eating much and was definitely underweight. I think my body was already struggling to function because I was malnourished and having my first augmentation surgery made my body have to work even harder. I don't think I moved for almost 2 weeks when I had my first surgery. I was in a bad place emotionally too.

While the recovery from this surgery was simpler than my first, I had to go a bit easier on chest training for a few months after my surgery. I didn't want to destroy the pocket or implants Dr. H had worked hard on. I train a lot of women who have breast implants and interesting to hear how some of them refused to train their chest after getting implants. I had no issues after my revision procedure. My chest was tight for a week (not as tight as the first time) but that was to be expected.

How My Story Ends

My new breast implants look fantastic now. Dr. H did a wonderful job and I have had no issues with implant placement this time around. I am glad I had the surgery and found Dr. H. My biggest recommendation to any of you going through this is find a doctor who has your best interest at heart and cares about your health, not just making money. Make sure you are healthy at the time you get your surgery, because it is a big surgery and it takes a lot for your body to recovery from it. You want to make sure you’re mentally and physically ready for it. I made the mistake of not being ready the first time and letting a doctor take advantage of my mental state. This time around I wasn't going to make the same mistake twice.