Great Experience Getting Lip Injections From Nurse Alison

GinaMcDade Patient gender: Female Patient age: 26

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Lip augmentation


Performed 2018

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Hi! I am 24 years old and from Northern Ireland, Belfast. I went to Alison Crawford Aesthetics for my lip fillers and paid £180 ($241).

For a long while, I had wanted my lips done but have always been so scared, as I hate needles anywhere near my mouth! I had to get gas and air at the dentist before the numbing injections - haha. After looking around, I came across Alison, who seemed very professional. This appealed to me over a salon, as I felt I was in more safe hands and it was a medical procedure rather than beauty. Alison explained that she was a registered nurse and that made me decide to choose her.

I went to Alison’s house and we went into a room that was very clean and tidy. She explained to me that as she was a nurse she could prescribe me antibiotics if I needed them (which was unlikely) and she would also be able to take the product out of my lips if I wasn’t happy. I was really nervous about the pain so she put lots of numbing cream on for me and let me sit for a while. I felt really at ease with Alison, she was very friendly but professional at the same time. I explained that I didn’t want big duck lips and she laughed and drew out different lip shapes and where she would put filler. She then put a bit more cream on for me which was great!

When it was time to get my lips injected Alison prodded to make sure I couldn’t feel anything. When the filler was being put in it just felt like a little nip and honestly was not sore at all! I think all the numbing cream helped a lot! Alison kept letting me look in the mirror and see if I was happy and explained what she was doing every step of the way.

After all the product was injected, Alison moulded my lips and got me to check in the mirror standing up. I felt my lips and asked her to pinch the corners a little more which was fine. I was really happy with the result as my lips looked bigger but still natural. It was explained that swelling and bruising is normal and it would take a few days to go down.

When I got home, I started panicking because one side looked bigger than the other, so I messaged Alison and she reassured me it was swelling. That night my lips were huge and I looked like a blow up doll - lol. They were very soar and tight, so I kept putting Vaseline on them.

The next day my lips looked amazing! I didn’t bruise at all and the swelling was all gone, which was a shock, as my friends have had swelling last a few days. You could really notice my lips looked bigger when I put lipstick on or when I smiled and actually had a top lip haha!

Its been 9 months since I had them done and honestly, they still look great! I plan to get a touch up of another 1ml in a few months after I have had my baby. I know some of my friends need theirs topped up every few months but I feel like mine have really lasted. I feel really safe with Alison, so I would not go anywhere else. I have not had any weird side effects or regretted getting my lips done, so my advice would be to do your research and try to go with a nurse rather than beautician, as they can give you medicine if needed! I know a few friends who have had fillers in salons and their lips have had a lot of issues so if you are near me I really recommend Alison!


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