Great Experience Having a Sunspot Removal Treatment

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Sunspot removal

Performed 2017

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I visited Dr. Ramagosa at Sunrise Dermatology, LLC in March of 2017 to inquire about a few sunspots on the right side of my face. I had two 'freckle' type marks, one on the outside of my right eye (near the eyebrow) and the other on my right cheek, and one 'mole' type mark on my forehead. I have freckles on my face naturally but I could tell these spots were a little bit different, so I wanted to get them checked out to be sure they weren't harmful.

Dr. Ramagosa was a pleasure to work with. Wait time at the office was minimal. He came in the exam room and took a look at the spots. He was quickly able to determine they were not harmful and had two suggestions to get rid of the three spots. One suggestion was a prescription cream that minimizes the color of the spots and the second suggestion was to freeze them off, in office right then. I opted for suggestion two because I wanted them gone as soon as possible (I was getting married in June).

The procedure was harmless and took less than 5 minutes. Dr. Ramagosa used a tool similar to an air gun. It sends -70 degrees air into that spot on your face. He put the tool on the spots and the cool air kills the cells deep down in your face, resulting in no pigmentation. That's how the spots are removed.

The spots did scab over for about a week, but eventually the scabs just fell off showing new skin. It was tender in that area for a day or two, but it wasn't unbearable. Dr. Ramagosa said the spots would look similar to bug bites while healing. I found they looked more like scabs.

Here's a rundown of my experience:

Day 1: No sensitivity. I was told I could wear makeup to work following the procedure, however I did not. I went bare face to work that day.
Day 2: The spots were raised. They were no longer flat against my skin. And they were darker. This worried me a little bit.
Day 3: Scabs started to form but the spots were flat against my face. I started to feel relieved at this point, because the scabs were performing just as Dr. Ramagosa said they would.
Day 4: I woke up and the scabs were still there. Later that afternoon, the scabs started to come off on their own. Under the scab was fresh, new skin. That skin was more pink that my regular skin tone and it was a little tender.

I did ask Dr. Ramagosa for a prescription for the cream to use at a later time. However, he said the spots he removed that day will never come back. I will use the cream on new spots if necessary.

I would absolutely, hands down, recommend Sunrise Dermatology, LLC. I've seen Dr. Ramagosa a couple of times, most recently to have these sunspots removed. I saw him a few years ago when I experienced a severe case of eczema on my eyelids. He was able to recommend a prescription cream that got rid of it altogether. I use an over the counter face moisturizer daily to keep the eczema at bay (MAC Complete Comfort Cream).

I have always been able to get an appointment when needed, and the wait times are never long. The office is updated and clean, and staff is always friendly. It's in a central part of town so I'm not driving too far for the visit. I wouldn't change anything about my experience with Sunrise Dermatology, LLC.