Gynecomastia Reduction - Photos, Videos, Cost, Review and How I Found My Doctor

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Dr. Miguel Delgado Jr. Novato, California
Gynecomastia Reduction - Photos, Videos, Cost, Review and How I Found My Doctor - review image.
Gynecomastia Reduction - Photos, Videos, Cost, Review and How I Found My Doctor - review image.
Gynecomastia Reduction - Photos, Videos, Cost, Review and How I Found My Doctor - review image.
Gynecomastia Reduction - Photos, Videos, Cost, Review and How I Found My Doctor - review image.

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Gynecomastia reduction

Performed 2016

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My Gynecomastia Surgery Experience

My Age: 23

My doctor: Dr. Delgado in Novato, CA

Cost: $8,050

It all started when I was in middle school and my body slowly started to change. School is tough as it is and with my body fat rising, I was made fun of a lot, bullied and as puberty started to hit me, so did reality. I developed a small lumps of breast tissue under my chest and at the time not really knowing anything I just thought that it was just normal and part of being chunky. As the years passed by and I entered high school, I began to understand my body more and began to workout but somehow the chest area remained the same with a puffy nipples appearance. I could not seem to burn fat off my chest area. It seemed like I had this chest fat that just wouldn't go away. I tried just about every diet and workout routine but with no luck my chest was still abnormal in my eyes. I had the feared man boobs. I began to wear undershirts and shy away from anything that would bring attention to me. I missed out on so much because of what I later found out to be gynecomastia. I became so depressed and hated my life because I wasn't normal and couldn't understand why this had to be happening to me. Relationships were hard because what do you tell your girlfriend when she wants to hug you or touch you and you immediately block off contact. What excuses can you constantly make up for not wanting to go swimming when the temperatures reach 100 plus degrees. I was at a point in my life where I just did not want to be here physically and fell into a dark place where I even had suicidal thoughts. Fortunately, I was able to research treatment options for this condition. I started with an online Google search and found out that what I had was surprisingly common among many men. Gynecomastia was the term and I hated it. I began to research for hours and tried to find ways to get rid of it the fastest way possible but to my disappointment found out that once an actual gland is developed under the skin, male breast reduction surgery is the only answer. There was no supplement, like Gynexin, that was going to help me get rid of my gynecomastia. At that point, I knew that my goal in life was to get the surgery done but it was all a matter of when. I looked up plastic surgeons in my area and was set on finding the best. I came across Dr. Delgado in Novato California and my mind was made. The hardest part was saving up money (plastic surgery isn't cheap!) and patiently waiting for the right time. I could finally tell my parents about my condition after about 12 years of keeping it a secret from everyone. After telling them my entire story it made a lot of sense to them my reasoning behind the way I acted and the person that I had become. I could tell my current gf about my condition and that was one of the scariest things that I had to do. I was so scared of letting another person into my reality with the fear of what they might think and how they would react. She supported me greatly and helped me the most throughout the entire process. After what seemed like an eternity to get ready to make my dreams come true I felt that I was ready to make the first step. At age 22 I set up an initial consultation in Novato, CA a two and a half hour away from where I live with Dr. Miguel A. Delgado. I arrived at the Marin Cosmetic Surgery Center and the initial consult was set for February 16, 2016. I go in and meet Dr. Delgado and he checks everything out and we begin to talk about the process and what I can expect and the price. It felt very comforting to know that I was in a place that specializes in these types of things and I could talk about gynecomastia freely and they had a clear understanding of what I was talking about. He gives me an estimate of surgical fees and guarantees that set price for up to a few months. The total price would come out to $8,050. That price was going to include the procedure, anesthesia, vitamins, compression garment and follow up appointments. I had already been saving up a lot of money and waiting a very long time and knew after researching countless doctors around my area that he was going to be my choice. I agreed to the surgery and was booked and appointment the next month on March 21, 2016. I was given vitamins to take before the surgery to prepare my body and given instructions to fast before surgery. The surgery goes well and I am out of post op care and back in my hotel resting so that I can leave the next morning and I feel nothing at all. My chest area is completely numb, I see some mild bruising and I feel tired, but overwhelmed that my surgery had finally happened. I wore a compression vest for 6 weeks to reduce bruising and swelling, and was advised to take it easy for at least 4 weeks so that my body could heal. The hardest part about this entire process had to be the sleeping. I had to sleep in an upright position so that the blood wouldn't accumulate under the skin and cause complications. My lower back was in a lot of pain from the upright position and that was all the pain that I felt throughout my recovery. My chest area did not feel pain. After 4 days, I went back to the doctor to get my drains removed because he put drains coming out of my armpits to drain excess blood. After that I was back home recovering. 6 weeks are up and I am finally able to remove my compression vest forever and at that moment I was going to start living my new life. It was incredible to be able to walk out of the house with just a single t shirt and not have to worry about how thin it was or how people were going to see me. I threw away all my old shirts with large chest print that I used to cover my gyro and replaced them with thin new shirts. It has now been a year and I look and feel great. There is not a single day that I don’t thank Dr. Delgado for the great job that he did. The scars are not visible and the chest looks very natural. I have no regrets whatsoever about having plastic surgery for my gynecomastia. Before the surgery, I thought having excess breast tissue was a death sentence and thought about my situation on a daily basis. Now, I am extremely confident with the way I look and this was the absolute best choice I have ever made. My doctor gave me the best results I could have hoped for! If you suffer from gynecomastia and have enlarged male breasts, there is no reason you should live with it. Act and get help because you will not regret it. Trust me!

Thank you and good luck!

Dr. Miguel Delgado Jr.

Novato, CA - No reviews

Dr. Miguel Delgado - Novato (California)
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