Had 1/2 Syringe of Juvederm Filler Injected Into Lips

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Lip augmentation

Performed 2018

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Hi! My name is Krystina and I am 30 years old. I got my lips filled with Juvederm. I got half of a syringe injected and paid $250. I went to a Lip Injections Party, where a licensed Injector/Nurse Practitioner injected it. Her name is Holly. I went along with a few friends and we each got a half syringe injected. 

When I first sat down, I told Holly what I did not like about my lips and what I wanted. I told her I wanted more volume in my upper lip but I wanted to add some in my bottom lip as well. I did not want to have that duck look where only the top of your lips look big. She gave me the Lidocaine numbing cream and I applied it generously to my lips and around my lips. I applied some ice, as well, right before she injected.  

The whole injection process only took a few minutes, 10-15. She injected in my top lip and my bottom lip. I did not feel the actual injection but I did feel the Juvederm going into my lip. It is very uncomfortable but it is so quick that it does not bother me. After the injection, your lips are a little swollen right away and you may slightly bleed. Your lips will keep getting swollen for the next 24 hours. I had a tiny little bruise on my top lip that went away within the next day. I also prepared myself with Arnicare pills which are all-natural. I also applied Ice and Arnicare gel repeatedly the next day. The swelling was not that crazy for me. My lips did feel hard/frozen for a few days but that went away. I was able to go to work the next day. It felt worse than it looked. After about a week, they were looking amazing and after 2 weeks they were back to normal but with a little more plump to them.  

I got this done because I have always been so self-conscious about my thin upper lip. I figured since this was not a permanent treatment, I would try it out. I would definitely get it done again and recommend to anyone who is self-conscious about the size of their lips.  I also think it makes you look so much more youthful! A few of my friends did get more swollen/bruised than I did, but everyone was fine after a week. When I did slightly bruise, I wore a dark lipstick and no one said a word. I love my lips now and I swear just that little boost of confidence helps with my social life, work life, my marriage, and overall happiness.