Had Incision Double Eyelid Surgery After Non-Incision Technique Failed

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Upper Eyelid After Double Eyelid Surgery - Had Incision Double Eyelid Surgery After Non-Incision Technique Failed  - review image.
Upper Eyelid After Double Eyelid Surgery - Had Incision Double Eyelid Surgery After Non-Incision Technique Failed  - review image.

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Performed 2017

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I did my upper blepharoplasty at Allure plastic surgery with Dr. Samuel Ho in Singapore around June 2017. I had the surgery done because of my uneven eyelids that occurred due to my last non-incision double eyelid surgery failed. My surgery failed because the stitching unraveled when I got blepharitis. This caused one of my eyelids to become a monolid again. Even though I tried using eyelid tape for my eyelid, it still looked odd and I had heard that constant pulling on the eyelids would cause sagging.

For these reasons, I decided to do incision eyelid surgery at Allure because I did not have enough time to travel to Seoul, as my school was starting in 2 weeks, so it was better to do it in Singapore, which is close to Indonesia. I did it at this clinic because I recently discovered an entrepreneur, Sophia Chong, that did it there and was so surprised how quick her recovery was. With school approaching, I decided to do it there. I also heard how he was trained in Korea and one of the top surgeons there convinced me to do it at Allure.

I booked my surgery at Allure through the WhatsApp messenger app and finalized a date of surgery. I was in Singapore only for a night, as I planned to have the stitches removed in my own country. I arrived in Singapore in the morning and rushed to the clinic which is located on orchard road so it was very convenient for me.

The staff was very friendly and the clinic was very neat and felt luxurious. We filled out some forms and I was asked about my medical history. After some time waiting, I was brought to Dr. Samuel Ho, who is very friendly and informative. What I liked about this doctor is that he is very patient and made sure that the size of my eyes is what I really wanted. Even before the surgery, when he did my markings, he asked me once more 'is this what you really want, as it is an incision and can’t be undone except if you went with a higher fold.

After the consultation, one of the staff members negotiated the price with us. I chose a higher fold than I made when I did the non incisional double eyelid surgery, bought a de-swelling pill, as school was starting soon, and did a PRP treatment, so it would not swell faster. After we discussed my eyelid surgery's cost, which was $5000, and I paid for the surgery, I was prepped for the surgery. I had to remove my earrings and contact lenses.

After that, the nurse took my before pictures and Dr. Samuel marked on my lids where my new eyelids would be. I woke up feeling a bit sore on my eyelids and a bit sleepy, not as bad as I thought it would be. I was given some medications and antibacterial creams to prevent my eye from being infected.

I used compresses on my eyes with ice religiously throughout the 7 days after surgery, as the stitch removal was to be done on the 7th day after mysurgery. After my stitches were removed, my eyelids were red and warm compresses helped with the redness. A tip from me, is to prevent seafood and salty foods for a while to prevent additional swellingand prevent heavy exercise for a few months, as this will also cause swelling to increase. My swelling went away in about 3 weeks, and fully healed after 3 months.

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