Had My Eyebrows Microbladed With Louise Yan in Vancouver, Canada

AngelZheng Patient gender: Female Cost: $300

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Before I Had Microblading - Had My Eyebrows Microbladed With Louise Yan in Vancouver, Canada  - review image.
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Performed 2018

Procedure review

I am 22 years old and I live in Vancouver, Canada. I got my procedure done with a tattoo artist/microblading specialist, Louise Yan. I paid $300.

I have had my eyebrows microbladed twice now, and I am super happy with the results. I wanted to get the procedure done so that I wouldn’t have to worry about filling in my eyebrows in the morning and it would cut my morning routine time down significantly. I’ve went to two separate specialists and have had two totally different experiences.

The Pre-Op

For both specialists, the pre-op consultation was detailed and pleasant. Both specialists gave thorough explanations of the procedure and the recovery/post-op care. During your pre-op, your microblading specialist should discuss with you the shape you would like your eyebrows to be. I showed them photos and we worked together to stencil out a shape that I was happy with. When going through this process, don’t be afraid to keep asking for revisions until you’re happy! Even though microblading is a semi-permanent procedure, you should never feel pressured to accept a certain shape or style that you are unhappy with.

The Procedure

For the procedure, you lie on your back with your specialist sitting at the head of the table. Before they start the actual procedure, they will apply a numbing cream to your eyebrow area to make the procedure painless. They will leave the numbing cream on for 20-30 minutes to make sure that it has sunk in and is effective on your skin. I had very different experiences between the two times that I got my eyebrows microbladed. The first specialist I went to had a very mild numbing cream, and I was in a lot of pain during the procedure. To the point where I almost didn’t want to get it done again. However, my second experience with microblading, I got it done with Louise, and she did an amazing job at both the pre-op consultation as well as make sure that I had ample numbing before starting the process. The procedure with her was completely painless and I was not discomforted in any way. The whole procedure took about an hour and a half from pre-op to post-op. You can either just close your eyes and relax while you’re doing it, or you could even keep your eyes open.



My eyebrows took about a week to heal—about the same amount of time that tattoos usually heal on my body. I made sure no water touched the area within the first 24 hours. After the 24 hours, I could wash my face but make sure no soap touches the area for a couple more days. You can get the area wet but make sure to pat dry lightly with a towel or paper towel afterwards. I also applied an unscented moisturizer on the area like cetaphil, lubriderm, or vaseline twice a day. This keeps the area moisturized and helps with the healing process. It will also help itch that may occur when your tattoo is healing/peeling. Once your tattoo scabs over (about 2-3 days in), the skin in the area will be very dry. Make sure to take extra care of it during this time. The scabs will start flaking away slowly by itself, so make sure you don’t pick at them as it will remove the ink deposit with the scab if you forcibly remove the scabs. Once all of the scabbing has fallen off, you can start washing your face again normally. 

I would definitely continue to get my eyebrows microbladed once it fades again. The procedure is easy, not overly expensive, and saves me a large chunk of time in the morning when I am getting ready. I would highly recommend checking out Louise and her work as she did an amazing job nailing the exact shape I wanted my eyebrows to be.


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