Had an Otoplasty With Dr. ShienBaun in Brandon, FL. Cost, Pictures and Videos of My Experience.

NBabuka Patient gender: Female Patient age: 33 Location: Brandon, FL Cost: $3,000

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Had an Otoplasty With Dr. ShienBaun in Brandon, FL. Cost, Pictures and Videos of My Experience. - review image.
Had an Otoplasty With Dr. ShienBaun in Brandon, FL. Cost, Pictures and Videos of My Experience. - review image.
Had an Otoplasty With Dr. ShienBaun in Brandon, FL. Cost, Pictures and Videos of My Experience. - review image.

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Performed 2013

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In 2013, I elected to have a plastic surgery procedure called “Otoplasty” or “Ear Pinning”. For over fifteen years, I was self-conscious about my prominent ears and how they stuck out away from my head. From a young age, other children would torment me by calling me names like “Dumbo”, and “Monkey Ears”. I started to only wear my hair down to try to hide my ears. If I did wear my hair up I would catch myself consciously avoiding facing another person directly face-on. I turned my head at a slight angle when talking to people so that they wouldn’t notice my ears. Through this surgery, and despite my family and friends’ objections, I could finally make a change that would make me feel more confident in my appearance. I had a consultation with plastic surgeon Dr. Shienbaum, as he was recommended from a friend who went to him for Breast Augmentation. Dr. Shienbaum and his office staff made me feel comfortable and answered any questions that I had. Later I even came in for a second consultation, just to be sure, and was never charged a fee. The doctor explained the procedure, noting that it was very “easy” to do, and that rarely do patients have any complications. He gave me two options: 1. To have the surgery done at a surgery center under anesthesia, or 2. To have an “outpatient” procedure in a room right there in his office. I ultimately decided to have the surgery there, as he assured me that it would be “very easy” and that the cost would be significantly less. On the day of my surgery I took a couple of sleeping pills that had been prescribed by Dr. Shienbaum so that I would relax, or hopefully sleep during the procedure. I was nervous, but excited for the results. I sat in a comfortable waiting room and eventually the Doctor came in to administer the injections that would numb my ears. On both ears, I felt the first and second shot, but as the numbing worked, I didn’t feel the others. The shots stung, but the pain was manageable. Finally, I was brought into the surgery room. I laid down on a comfortable patient chair, and the procedure began. I was wide awake for the first 20 minutes or so, and then fell asleep. While I was awake, I didn’t feel any pain, but I could slightly hear the noise of the doctor cutting at my cartilage. It wasn’t pleasant, so I was thankful when I fell asleep. I don’t remember leaving the office, but I when I woke up at home in my bed, I was in significant pain. I got up and took a pain pill as prescribed by the doctor and went back to sleep. When I woke up again later, the pain felt unbearable. I took another pill and it simply wasn’t helping ease the pain enough. I became very distraught, dizzy, and sick feeling. By 9PM my boyfriend had called Dr. Shienbaum through his answering service to ask about prescribing a different pain medication. Dr. Shienbaum suggested taking Tylenol instead. Over the next few days, my entire head was in pain. It was a very hard recovery. By day 6, I was feeling a lot better and could get excited again about the results. A day later I had a follow up appointment with Dr. Shienbaum and he was pleased with how my ears were healing. I was instructed to continue to wear a soft headband over my ears at all times for at least 2 weeks. I was very excited at how flat my ears were! They were right up against my head, and I loved how they looked. Eventually, and as warned by Dr. Shienbaum, my ears would start to pull away from my head, and ultimately, they wouldn't stay as flat as they were then. I was thrilled with how much better I felt and how much my ears had changed, but I was slightly disappointed that they didn’t stay as flat as they were immediately post op. Months went by and I ended up having a consultation with Dr. Shienbaum regarding performing a revision procedure. I wanted them to be pinned back more. My ears had improved, but I wasn’t 100% satisfied with the healed results. Without complaint, Dr. Shienbaum agreed to perform a revision, and only charged me the cost of the surgical tools he would use. This second procedure was much easier! I had the doctor write me a different pain medication, and I strongly believe that because this one worked, my recovery was a breeze. However, like after the first procedure, once I took off the headband, they healed like they did before. Overall, and as evident by my before and after photos, my ears did change for the better. I am very happy with my decision to have ear surgery, and I would highly recommend it to anyone with a similar insecurity. Now I wear my hair up with confidence, and sometimes I forget I had the surgery at all! It’s as if my ears have always looked this way. 

Dr. Marvin Shienbaun

Brandon, FL

Brandon Plastic Surgery - Brandon, FL

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