Having a Tummy Tuck With Muscle Repair and Liposuction Was The Best Decision of My Life

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$3,300 Dr. Sergio Alvarez Miami Beach, Florida
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2 Months After Tummy Tuck Surgery - Having a Tummy Tuck With Muscle Repair and Liposuction Was The Best Decision of My Life  - review image.
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My name is Rosanna Torres. I’m 35 years old and I live in Tampa, Florida. The surgery that I had done was a tummy tuck with liposuction and muscle repair. My procedure was performed by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sergio Alvarez of Mia Aesthetics located in Doral, Florida.

I decided to get a tummy tuck because I lost 88 pounds after gastric bypass surgery and after having two kids, my body was never the same. I went to the gym day in and day out and my body started to look good, but my abdomen was not improving because of all the loose skin I had. I was ready to do something about it, but for many years I was unable to afford plastic surgery. That was until I found out about Mia Aesthetics and the special price they were running on tummy tuck surgery. Mia Aesthetics was running a special for a tummy tuck with liposuction and muscle repair for $3,300. The typical cost of tummy tuck surgery alone in Miami is $5-10,000. At such a discount, I could finally afford to have the procedure done! I had received a tax refund around this time and decided to use the money for myself for once! I wanted to feel good about my body again and this was my chance.

I contacted Mia Aesthetics and was put in touch with Karla, a wonderful woman who is a coordinator there. Karla had me email her pictures of my body at different angles. I also told her what I wanted to have done and she gave me suggestions on the best procedures and cost for my body type. This is how I found out that I needed a tummy tuck with liposuction and muscle repair. As mentioned above, the total cost of my whole was procedure was $3,300, which was a special deal. Happy with what I had heard, I booked my surgery! To book my surgery, I had to put a small deposit down to reserve my surgery date.

Once my surgery was booked, I had to schedule my vacation time from work and purchase stuff I would need after surgery to take care of myself, since I would be unable to drive for a while. I also had to force myself to stop watching videos of people who had tummy tucks, because I quickly realized everyone had a different opinion and results of their surgery and it was driving me nuts!

When I arrived at Mia Aesthetics for my pre-op appointment, I finally got to meet Dr. Alvarez and he examined my body to discuss what my procedure would entail. He was amazing and since this was a surgical procedure, meeting him gave me reassurance that I was making the right decision and would be in good hands. My surgery was the next day and oddly, I was not nervous. I think this is because I had been mentally prepared to have this procedure for a long time and was glad it was finally time to have it done.

When I arrived at the surgical center the following day, I was brought into a pre-op room, changed into a gown and met with Dr. Alvarez. Dr. Alvarez took a marker and drew a line across my abdomen, showing where he would place his incisions and indicating what parts of excess skin were going to be removed. He also marked up the areas where he would be performing liposuction and my abdominal wall muscle repair.

After that, I was brought into the operating room, where I was prepped and then put under general anesthesia. I must say, that the medical staff in the operating room was amazing. They really comforted me before I was put under and this helped calm my nerves.

When I woke up in recovery, I felt a bit weird but didn't have any pain. My body felt numb, but I wasn't in any discomfort. I was allowed to return home that day, but since I lived 4 hours away, I decided to stay in a hotel.

My Recovery

Day 1: I was able to walk a bit and didn't feel any pain, only some numbness. I sat and laid around unable to shower. I just took it easy. I also took pain medication as indicated, because I was comfortable and did not want to experience any pain. I also monitored my drains and tracked the fluid collection, emptying them on occasion. I was able to sleep well that night with a lot of pillows propping my body up, almost like I was sitting in bed.

Day 2: I woke up, cleaned myself, tracked and emptied my drains. I went back to Dr. Alvarez for a follow-up appointment. He said everything looked great I was doing well. He also said that he was surprised I standing straight so quickly after surgery. He mentioned that a lot of people don't stand straight because they're scared of damaging their abdomen or they feel uncomfortable when they stand up. For me, my back was killing me, so I always try to stand as straight as possible. I still did not have any pain. I did, however, feel a slight pain once in a while near my drainage tube areas.

Day 3: I returned home and slept in a recliner from this day forward. I felt the same as the previous day. I was still pain-free and was taking still taking medication to prevent feeling any pain. I still had swelling and bruising but this is expected from all the cutting and stitching that took place! On the bright side, I could already tell I was going to have a more flat stomach and was very happy about it!

The Rest of My Recovery (Day 3+): I ended up taking my pain medication for 5 days post-op and after that, I had very light pain for two weeks after discontinuing them. My pain completely resolved when I had my drains removed 2 weeks later. My entire recovery was not bad at all. In fact, I went dancing for 2 hours a week after my procedure. Most of my friends and family thought I was nuts for doing this, but thankfully, I didn't have any complications from it. I actually thinking moving around more helped me recover quickly. I also took care of my self - I ate health, didn't lift anything heavy and took vitamins.

In general, I had a great surgery with little to no pain. The only complication I had was that my new belly button got infected and I had to take antibiotics for a bit longer than expected. It was also a bit annoying having to keep my surgical area dry (no shower) and I hated the binder garment I had to wear. I found the binder to be very itchy, especially when my skin was so dry, but eventually solved that by using coconut oil. Besides the binder and drainage tubes, I had no other complaints about my surgery. If you're mentally prepared to have a tummy tuck to get a flat tummy, then I would absolutely recommend going through with it! Life is about taking risks to get what you want, and for me, I was uncomfortable in my own skin and I was tired of it. I would advise others considering this surgery to do their research and find a good doctor by reading online reviews and checking their malpractice history. I picked a great doctor and I'm so happy I had this procedure. I would do the whole surgery over again if I had to. This has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my entire life.

I've attached a video of my experience having a tummy tuck.


Rosanna Torres

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