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Performed 2018

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My name is Eva and for the past 2 years, I have wanted to get my eyebrows microbladed. I have a medical background and every time I went to do a consult with someone, their sterilization was subpar. I met Celeste Beatty of Indianapolis Microblading of Indianapolis, Indiana for my microblading consult on February 22nd, 2018. When we sat down she first gave me an overview of her credentials and education. She not only does microblading, she is also a Registered Nurse, Cosmetic Tattoo Artist, Hairstylist, and Makeup Artist. Since I am also in the healthcare field, one use instruments and sanitation were things I was looking out for. Celeste was more than willing to show me her equipment (including her one-time use needles, barriers and sanitizing solutions). 

At the consult, we went over the condition of my skin and how she felt it may react doing the healing process after the procedure. I have medium deep, oily and scar prone skin. During the consult, we also selected a few shades that we both thought would work with my skin tone and how I wanted my end result. We also went over things that I should avoid in the days prior to my appointment so that my skin was in perfect shape and there would be no excess bleeding. And the price we agreed upon was four hundred and fifty dollars. 

Two weeks, I came back in for the procedure. That is when I filled out the standard health forms. While I was filling out the forms Celeste reintegrated the aftercare instructions and made sure that all my questions were answered. As she was going over that,  we started with the numbing process. 

Microblading is not painless. Repeat - Microblading is not painless. Even with the numbing cream, there are some sensations and/or pain you will feel. However, Celeste made sure that I was doing ok periodically throughout the procedure and applied the Lidocaine again as needed. Throughout the procedure, Celeste would often hand me the mirror so that I could see her progress and make any changes as needed. The procedure from start to finish lasted roughly two hours. Once the procedure was over Celeste gave me an aftercare kit with my at home instructions. She also advised me that if I had any questions or concerns to give her a call on her cell, which was very comforting.

The aftercare lasted for ten days. Celeste advised me after the procedure was completed of the stages of healing. First, my brows were super dark and this lasted for three days. Next, my brows began to scab and peel. Once that stage was over, it became slightly itchy and the color faded drastically. This at first caused me to be alarmed but Celeste had already reassured me that the color would return. Around the eighth day, the color returned, however, it was not as dark as it was the day of the procedure. Once the tenth day hit, I was in love. I never imagined how having brows already present took off my getting ready time. Not to mention, Celeste did an excellent job. 

Throughout this whole process, Celeste has been very professional and extremely helpful in making sure I understood the procedure and how to care for my brows doing the healing process. The pain, on a scale of one to ten, was a four to five. The sound of the procedure is also alarming. You get used to it after a while but it reminds me of someone zipping up a jacket. 

If you are in the Indianapolis area, I would highly recommend Indianapolis Microblading. You will not be disappointed!

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