Hydrafacial are Amazing!

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Performed 2016

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I am 32 years old and I am always looking into new skin treatments. I take very good care of my skin and already get frequent injections of Botox to prevent premature aging. I am also an exercise fanatic and stick to a strict diet. My daily skin care regimen is as follows: I drink plenty of water, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, cleanse my face morning and night with Cetaphil gentle cleanser and apply facial moisturizer with SPF quite frequently throughout the day. I fear aging and how I'll handle it, so I do everything possible to keep having healthy skin.

In addition to my daily skin care regimen, I visit a local medical spa pretty regularly for facials. My favorite facial treatment is the hydrafacial. The hydrafacial treatment is pretty much a facial on steroids. My aesthetician told me hydrafacials are great for preventing and improving fine lines, skin tone, wrinkles, brown spots, sun damage, enlarged pores and congested skin (clearing the junk out of your pores). I've always had mostly clear but oily skin and this type of facial is perfect for my skin type.

Getting a hydrafacial is very relaxing. I usually feel like drifting off to sleep when it's being done. The treatment starts with the aesthetician cleansing your face twice. For the hydrafacial machine to work best, your skin needs to be clean and a bit moist. I was told the machine does not work well on dry skin. Each time the cleansing lotion is applied to your face, it's removed with a warm towel. The next part is the exfoliation step. My aesthetician used an exfoliating polish with lactate acid, which helps hydrate your skin, making extractions easier later in the treatment. Then comes the 'hydrafacial' part of the treatment, where the handheld tool is used to suck out and inject all sorts of serums with growth factors into your skin. The handheld tool exfoliates and cleanses as it goes over your skin too. It exfoliates by using vacuum suction and cleanses with the serums. For those of you who have had a microdermabrasion skin treatment, the hydrafacial is much less harmful and abrasive. The tool is moved all around your face, clearing out many of your pores.

A light chemical peel (glycolic and salicylic acid at very low dosages) is then applied. The acid peel part of the facial is supposed to be great at preventing monthly breakouts and helps with dark spots, large pores and skin tone evenness. Then the handheld tool comes back, the vacuum suction intensity is increased and it's passed over your skin to suck up any remaining gunk. By using suction, the extraction process leads to less bruising than manual extractions. For any gunk that remains, the aesthetician uses two gauze pads and gently squeezes the stuff out of your pores.

The next step of the hydrafacial treatment is the application of a sulfur mask. The mask is used to pull any tiny bit of remaining gunk that the hydrafacial machine or manual extractions were unable to get out. As the mask dried, my aesthetician gave me a light massage while my face mask was drying. Once the mask was dry, a warm towel was placed over my face to remove the mask. Then a high frequency netting material was placed over my face. The netting is supposed to increase the ozone layer between your skin and the device, resulting in increased blood flow and the formation of bacteria.

The final part of the process is the infusion of anti-oxidant serums into your skin using the handheld tool of the hydrafacial machine. Then a skin brightener, lip balm, eye cream and tinted SPF skin lotion are applied. Cryogen therapy, or essentially dry ice inside of a cotton swab, is then brushed over your skin and this is supposed to close all of your pores and seal all of the serums and lotions into your skin to keep it hydrated. That's it! You go home feeling great, looking good and the best part of all is there's no downtime. Your skin is not red at all, unlike more abrasive facial treatments. 

I very highly recommend hydrafacial treatments. It's a great way to get rid of all the dead skin cells and gunk in your pores. I also believe it helps prevent skin issues, like dry skin and acne. I especially like the refreshed look I have after my treatments. I will continue to get hydrafacials on a regular basis and you should too! I also recommend ZO's skin care line, which I love using on a daily basis.