The Hydrafacial Really Improved My Skin

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Performed 2018

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My experience with my Hydrafacial at Soul Medical Spa in Midland, MI, completely exceeded my expectations. I am 24 years old and I typically struggle with very texturized skin and mild acne as well as oily skin in my t-zone. Upon arriving the esthetician, Sara, knew right away just by looking at me that my skin was normal/oily, meaning that my t-zone is typically oily and the sides of my face can get dry throughout the year. I was impressed with her overall knowledge on skincare and even happy to say she was wonderful at recommending proper home skincare regimens for after the facial.

The Hydrafacial process started with taking before photos so that I could see the process of my skin journey each time I come back, because it is suggested you go once a month for the best outcome. She then cleansed my face and we got into the exfoliation part which focuses on the outmost layer of the skin by removing dead skin cells and excess debris. The sensation is similar to a light gritty suction. The next step is to apply the acid peel which is generally glycolic. Hearing the word “acid” can be quite scary, but with a hydrafacial it very rarely stings and mostly just tingles for a few minutes. I did experience a little extra sensitivity around the creases next to my nostrils and was told that it is quite normal and it just means I may have micro-tears from exfoliating at home. Other than that, I had no problems with the acid peel. The next step is the extraction part. What I love about this part is that instead of doing manual extractions on the skin which can create scarring, a small tool similar to a vacuum is used to draw out bacteria from inside the pores and the skin. This part is definitely the coolest in my opinion because you can actually feel your skin unclogging and you immediately feel lighter and refreshed. Not to mention at the end, if you’re interested, you can see exactly what comes out of your skin, and trust me, it’s more than you think! We did a little blue light therapy after the peel to help with acne considering I have acne prone skin. You may also have to option to do red light therapy to help with any skin redness, but as for me, my skin didn’t need to do that. Finally, she added a serum to my skin to promote hydration and help with elasticity and finished it off with a high SPF lotion because after doing an exfoliation treatment such as this one, your skin is quite sensitive and can burn easily for a few days following the treatment.

When I left the spa that day, I could immediately see a huge difference in the overall tone of my skin and I loved how beautiful and glowing my skin appeared. I chose not to wear makeup for a good 72 hours to really let my pores breathe, so I could gain the full benefits of this facial. It has now been almost one month since I have done my first hydrafacial and I have noticed a huge change for the better in my overall skin texture and tone. I am looking forward to going back once a month so that I can reap all of the benefits that the hydrafacial treatment has to offer. I truly never thought my skin could get better than it was before and I thought I was going to be stuck with texturized skin the rest of my life. Sara at Soul Medical Spa has done wonders for me and I highly recommend if you live in the area to try them out!

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