I Broke My Nose 8 Times, so I got a Rhinoplasty. Best Decision EVER!

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Before Rhinoplasty Surgery Side View - I Broke My Nose 8 Times,  so I got a Rhinoplasty. Best Decision EVER!  - review image.
Before Rhinoplasty Surgery Side View 2 - I Broke My Nose 8 Times,  so I got a Rhinoplasty. Best Decision EVER!  - review image.
After Rhinoplasty Surgery 1 - I Broke My Nose 8 Times,  so I got a Rhinoplasty. Best Decision EVER!  - review image.
After Rhinoplasty Surgery 2 - I Broke My Nose 8 Times,  so I got a Rhinoplasty. Best Decision EVER!  - review image.

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Performed 2016

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 Good day everyone! My name is Maureen and I live in Pittsburgh, PA. Even though I am only 18, and to some it may seem like I'm a bit young to have had plastic surgery, at the time of my rhinoplasty surgery, I had already broken my nose 8 times! You read that correctly! I had broken my nose 8 individual times on separate occasions. Each time I broke my nose, my dorsal hump (the bump on your nose) got larger and larger. The hump was more noticeable from my side profile than the front, but I hated it! Every single time I saw a picture of my face from the side, all I noticed was my nose. The photo may have well just been of my nose, because that is literally all I noticed when I looked at pictures of my side profile. It was extremely self-conscious of my nose and it lowered my self-esteem.

The hate I had for my nose drove me to seek out a plastic surgeon to fix it years earlier (when I was 14-15). When I consulted with a doctor about performing a rhinoplasty then, he told me I was too young to have a rhinoplasty procedure performed. He told me I would have to wait until I was sixteen or seventeen years old. I told my self I was going to have to wait a few more years to get the new nose I always wanted.

When I was 17 years old, I was finally able to get my rhinoplasty. My plastic surgeon, Dr. Joseph Falcon, who is located in Natrona Heights, PA, was very understanding of what I was interested in. He told me as far as rhinoplasties go, my procedure was pretty straightforward. He told me he would shave my dorsal bump down and thin out my nose. Being that I had wanted the surgery for so long, I wasn't nervous about having my nose surgery. I was so ready to go!

The surgery went well. It was not painful. I was completely asleep from the general anesthesia. The entire staff at the surgical center was great. Things went as smoothly as they could have.

The week after surgery wasn't so pleasant. Actually, it was awful! I had packing inside of my nose and a cast on top of it. Between the packing and cast, I was very uncomfortable. The worst part was I could only breathe through my mouth. This was very annoying. I also had some pain for around three days, especially as my swollen nose pressed against the cast. I was able to prevent much of the pain with ice and pain medications. (I kept ice packs on my face all week to help reduce swelling.)

In addition to being uncomfortable and having some pain, I had some yellowing under my eyes, which wasn't bad. (Especially since I was so used to seeing pictures of people who had nose jobs, where the breaking of their nasal bones caused them to be left with black bruising under their eyes!)

After a very long week, I visited my doctor and had my cast and nasal packing removed, leaving me with mixed emotions. On the bright side, I could breathe through my nose and on the dark side, my nose and especially my nasal tip were very swollen. I didn't really like the way my nose looked at first and wasn't happy because of this. I left my doctor's office a bit disappointed, but also knew that I had to be patient and wait for all of my swelling to go down.

A month after my post-op appointment, the swelling on my nose had almost completely gone down. What I thought could potentially be a negative rhinoplasty experience, ended up turning into a positive one. I began to love my new nose. Now, almost 1 year after surgery, I could not be happier and getting a rhinoplasty was the best decision I've made in a long time. It honestly changed my life so positively. I feel a million times more confident and don't mind when people take pictures of me from the side anymore. I am also very thankful that I did not have to pay out of pocket for the procedure. The reason I didn't have to pay for my surgery, was because I had medical records proving my nose had been broken multiple times and my insurance company looked at fixing my nose as a medically necessary procedure. Had insurance not covered it, my procedure would have cost around $4000-5000.

To summarize, my doctor and experience were both great. Dr. Falcon is a wonderful plastic surgeon, has great bedside manner and I recommend him for anyone else in my area considering a rhinoplasty procedure.

Dr. Joseph Falcon

Natrona Heights, PA

Falcon Plastic Surgery - Natrona Heights, PA

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Hi! So awesome to hear your success story. Congratulations on your new appearance! Quick question for you- did you have an open or closed rhinoplasty? I too, have broken my nose several times and have a prominent dorsal hump as a result. I am 25 and highly considering a rhinoplasty, as I have had difficulty with my breathing and it is quite unsightly. Just wondering which procedure your doc recommended and which one you decide to go with. Thanks and congrats again!