I Don't Need to Shave as Much Now

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Before Laser Hair Removal - I Don't Need to Shave as Much Now  - review image.
After Laser Hair Removal - I Don't Need to Shave as Much Now  - review image.
After Laser Hair Removal - I Don't Need to Shave as Much Now  - review image.

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Hair removal


Performed 2018

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I had wanted to try laser leg hair removal for the longest time, and I am so glad that I finally did it. I decided to undergo laser leg hair removal treatment on my full legs. The thought of never having to shave my legs again was absolutely amazing! I am 19 years old, living in Los Angeles, California, and I booked my laser leg hair removal appointments through LaserAway at their Beverly Hills center. The name of the nurse practitioner at the Beverly Hills location that did my laser is Ashley.

Like most people, I was very scared and nervous before my first appointment. I wondered if it would hurt, leave me in pain for a few days, etc. I was told before starting treatment to shave my legs the night before, and put no product on them. When I went into my appointment, I had a consultation to make sure I was medically approved and was taking no antibiotics. I changed into a robe, and the professional had wiped down my legs to ensure there was nothing on them. She then took some chalk to outline the fronts and backs of my legs (as a guideline, so she wouldn’t miss any spots). Then, we both put on special glasses to protect our eyes. She walked me through the process of what to expect, and showed me the machine. Along with the laser is a cooling machine that helps trick the body to not feel the laser zap as much. To my surprise, she started zapping at my ankles and all I heard were beeping sounds. I didn’t feel anything except for the cooling sensation of the machine! Ashley continued to keep zapping away at the hair follicles while walking me through what she was doing. I have a pretty high pain tolerance, but I didn’t feel a thing! The only time I felt shocks were around my knee area. The pain level was a two out of ten (ten being the most painful), and it felt as if someone was shocking me. We continued the process on both of my legs, and did both the fronts and the backs. The entire procedure lasted around 30-40 minutes. 

Afterwards, my legs weren’t red at all, and Ashley helped me wipe the chalk residue off and gave me some aloe to put onto my legs for hydration. I changed back into my clothes and was told to stay out of direct sun for 24 hours and avoid super-hot showers, baths, etc. I then booked my appointment for 6 weeks later to do it all again! I was surprised to see that even hours after my treatment, I still felt nothing. It was as if nothing was done to my legs! The treatments are every 6 weeks, and you have to do about 6-8 sessions depending on your hair. Every 6 weeks is when the new hair cycle starts, and so they laser at each new cycle to ensure that each time, the hair will grow back less and less. Laser leg hair removal typically states to have 80% hair reduction.  After only my first session, I noticed the hair grew back way slower and thinner. My leg hair would usually start to grow back within a day or two, however five days went by and I noticed my leg hair was just starting to grow back. I found myself being able to shave way less than usual, and each time progressively got better and better. I was pleasantly so shocked and surprised to see how easy, quick and painless the process was. I would recommend laser leg hair removal to anyone. Although I have a high pain tolerance, being that it didn’t hurt me goes to show that it can’t be that bad for individuals with a lower pain tolerance. I am so happy I decided to go through with laser leg hair removal! 

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