I Get a Vitalize Peel Once a Month and I'm a Fan

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For the past 2 years, I've had a Vitalize peel every single month. Sounds like a bit much, doesn't it? Well, that's what I thought too, until my dermatologist convinced me otherwise. And boy am I glad she convinced me to do it. It's not cheap, but wow, it's made such a huge difference in my skin's quality. I used to have fine lines, larger pores and not terrible, but not super smooth skin texture (had some mild acne scarring on my chin). I also tanned a lot as a teenager and young adult, which left me with some sun damage. I was not the best about applying sunscreen and frequently had sunburns. Looking back, I can't believe I used to go to the beach without sunscreen. Stupid, I know! Although, I don't I'm the only person on this site who's done this. We're all foolish as children and young adults.

Fast forward 25 years and here I am (45 now). I never leave my house without plenty of sunscreen on and I'm always sure to reapply it throughout the day. Fortunately for me, I didn't do any long term damage to my skin from all of those years in the sun and the time I spent on tanning beds. Now I do everything in my power to keep my skin looking smooth and youthful. Getting frequent chemical peels, Botox and applying lotion constantly are what I like to call my 3 skin care gems.

Now since I know you're reading this because you care about whether or not Vitalize peels work, let me give you the short version of this - yes, Vitalize peels work well. They aren't going to fix deep acne scars, deep wrinkles or significant discoloration of your skin. They will fix very shallow acne scars, shallow fine lines and will help smooth wrinkles, but definitely not eliminate them (you'll need Botox and maybe filler for that). And it won't do any of this unless you have quite a few peels. A single peel will not do much for you! A Vitalize Peel is considered a 'superficial peel' and one of the less harsh or lighter peels a dermatologist's office will offer you. There are stronger peels, like a medium-depth peels or deep peels, but you'll look like a burn victim [after a deep peel] for a few weeks if you get one of those. I've had a medium peel but have never had a deep peel (way too strong for me!).

The process of getting a peel is a simple, pain-free 3 step process. Step 1: The doctor cleans your face with a rubbing alcohol prep pad. Step 2: A solution made of 10% lactic and 10% salicylic acid with rescorsinol is applied to your skin. After the doctor applies this solution with several passes, it's left on for several minutes. The solution may be left on for longer or shorter, depending on your medical provider, skin type and/or if you have sensitive skin. Step 3: A retinol is applied to your skin and can be left on for 6-8 hours. Out of all these steps, the only part where you might feel a very slight discomfort is after step 2. You'll feel a very mild stinging sensation, but this is alleviated with a fan. My doctor has a fan she keeps on my face, so I didn't feel anything. Then you're done!

When you arrive home from the doctor's office, your skin might be a little red, but this goes away after a few hours. I usually wash my face that night with a very gentle cleanser like Cetaphil and apply Oil of Olay SPF 15 sensitive skin moisturizer. When I wake up the morning after a peel, my skin doesn't look red and feels refreshed. Over the next week, you'll notice your skin peels lightly, as dead skin cells flake off (Don't panic if your skin doesn't start peeling right away, it sometimes takes a day or two to start). After approximately a week, your skin will feel great, look rejuvenated and that's it! You'll also notice any hyperpigmentation you have will slowly fade away with repeated peels.

Over the past 2 years of getting peels, my skin has definitely improved. I had a small red mark and a little acne scarring on my chin, which has certainly improved due to frequent peels. I would say that you shouldn't expect miracles after a peel, two or even three. It took 6 peels before I saw significant results with my skin, so you should prepare yourself for repeated visits to your dermatologist for the best results.

If you're considering getting a Vitalize Peel, I recommend getting them to all of my friends and family. You can also get a Theraplex Peel, which is comparable. I've had both and don't really have a preference for one over the other. The only difference between the two peels, is that the Theraplex turns white after the salicylic acid step is applied to your face. Both peels will give you good results and you can't go wrong with either one. You only get one face in life, so you better take care of it. These peels aren't cheap but I'm a fan!

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