I had 2 Syringes of Juvederm Injected into My Upper and Lower Lips

MMullins Patient gender: Female Patient age: 29 Cost: $600

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After Lip Filler Injections - I had 2 Syringes of Juvederm Injected into My Upper and Lower Lips  - review image.
Before Lip Filler Injections - I had 2 Syringes of Juvederm Injected into My Upper and Lower Lips  - review image.
Reaction to Lip Filler Injections - I had 2 Syringes of Juvederm Injected into My Upper and Lower Lips  - review image.
Lip Filler Numbing Cream on My Lips - I had 2 Syringes of Juvederm Injected into My Upper and Lower Lips  - review image.

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Lip augmentation


Performed 2016

Procedure review

Hello friends! My name is Morgan Mullins. I am 26 years old and currently residing in Columbus, OH. I would consider myself a very confident person in my appearance, I even have a beauty channel on YouTube. There was always something I wasn’t happy with when it came to my appearance… my lips. I learned about lip fillers through the beauty community on YouTube. Before my procedure, I heard the typical “you’re already pretty, you don’t need lip filler” and “you’ll look like a duck!” comments from my friends, family, and coworkers. Their opinions were appreciated but not the deciding factor for whether I got the procedure done. In the end, they are my lips, I was unhappy with their size, and I wanted it done. I had my lip augmentation roughly seven months ago and I’m still very pleased with the outcome I received. I had my procedure done at Ideal Image and it was performed by licensed Nurse Practitioners. I had 2 syringes of Juvederm injected into my upper and lower lips. I went into my consultation explaining what I do with my YouTube channel and that I wasn’t interested in the “natural” look. I didn’t, however; ask for “Kylie Jenner lips”. During my consultation, the staff seemed excited that I was not putting restrictions on their creative expertise when it came to providing the perfect pout. My procedure was done in two separate appointments to decrease the trauma to my lips from the expansion. I had (in my opinion) very small lips to start with, so basically, they didn’t want to over-do it. My first appointment went smoothly. The procedure was quick and relatively painless. It felt like tiny needle pokes (obviously) but was tolerable. The only part that made me uncomfortable was working on the vermillion border, but once enough product entered my lips, that too was tolerable. The one thing nobody had ever talked about in any of the lip augmentation videos I had ever watched, or blog posts I had ever read, was the vagal nerve stimulation that can occur. Essentially what this does is create a light-headed feeling and can lead to passing out if the patient’s body isn’t given the time to process what is happening. Most of the time this only happens when the patient doesn’t eat before the procedure. Sadly, this happened to me during the first procedure. I was very light headed but for the most part, I felt okay. I was very pleased with how my lips looked immediately after the procedure, but it was the days/week to come that was utter misery. My lips were so dry, swollen, and painful for roughly a week and a half after the initial filler appointment. I had to return to the office to receive a “check-up” from the NP just to ensure there was no funny business occurring within my lips. They assured me I was fine, just more sensitive to the procedure. It hurt to eat, drink, smile, and talk. Basically, anything that had to do with my mouth… it hurt. Understandably I was nervous but still very excited to return to the office to inject my second syringe of filler. My appointment was moved back 5 extra days to ensure my lips were healed from the first experience. The second appointment went just as smoothly. My lips reacted to the filler this time around just splendidly. I had NO pain, NO bruising, and minimal swelling. I finally had the lips I always wanted. My lips were full, soft, and very plump. I even went around kissing all my friends to show them how soft they really were (I realize this is a tad strange). So, in conclusion, would I get lip fillers again? ABSOLUTELY! As I said before, I’m seven months in and they’ve certainly deflated some but not to the point that they were pre-procedure. Would I return to Ideal Image? Yes and No. I will return one more time to get them filled essentially because I have a coupon. Yup. A coupon. After this next filling, I will go elsewhere. I didn’t necessarily have a bad experience at their facility, but I do feel that there are other options within this large city that would be better suited for me.

My best advice before getting any procedure done, is figure out why YOU want to have it done, do your research, and ask questions! Oh, and get a coupon if you can ;)

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