I Had 300CC Silicone Implants Placed Under The Muscle. Videos of My Experience.

24karatkelly Patient gender: Female Patient age: 33 Location: Columbus, OH Cost: $8,500

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I Had 300CC Silicone Implants Placed Under The Muscle. Videos of My Experience. - review image.

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Breast augmentation - Silicone breast implants


Performed 2016

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I debated whether to get a breast augmentation for about ten years (which, as it turns out, is the average length of time women debate having the procedure). Puberty had come and gone and it turned out I wasn’t a “late bloomer,” I just never “bloomed.” I’ve always been fit and active, and I was frustrated by the fact that even though I could train my glutes, quads, and other muscles to increase their size, I would never be able to do the same with my breasts.

When I finally decided to get serious about the surgery, I spent six months investigating and actively researching surgeons in my area. I went to two different plastic surgeons for consultations before settling on Dr. Robert Heck at CAPS. His experience was the ultimate selling point for me. He answered the questions that I had but took all the major decisions out of my hands. He advised on the placement and type of implant, and his nurses were very helpful and patient in helping me narrow down a size. (I had 300cc silicone implants placed under the muscle.) I will say that Dr. Heck’s bedside manner leaves something to be desired. However, on the day of surgery it was abundantly clear how capable and highly skilled he is, and I didn’t have any concerns. I didn’t have to like him personally; I needed the best man for the job.

Post-surgery, I have had both good and bad experiences. Let’s start with the bad.

As I mentioned, I spend a lot of time training. Dr. Heck told me that after the surgery I would permanently need to avoid any chest isolation exercises in my strength routines. He told me that I should be otherwise clear to return to exercising after six weeks. For me, this estimate was WILDLY inaccurate.

The first six weeks progressed as expected and I could return to normal daily activities within a week or so. I didn’t have any complications post-op and at six weeks he did give me the go-ahead to return to my usual workouts. Despite surgical clearance, upper body exercises of any kind were still impossible for me. I had read on forums about other surgeons who recommended abstaining from upper body exercise for a full twelve weeks after surgery, so I put the weights down and waited another six weeks. At twelve weeks it felt someone better, but the sensations in my chest as the muscles flexed were still alarming. I continued to avoid it because of the discomfort.

At six months, I found I could return to some, but not all, upper body exercises. It wasn’t until about ten months’ post-op that I was able to hold planks, do chin-ups, or use challenging weights for bicep curls. This was disappointing and not what I had expected.

Additionally, at six months I was still struggling with nipple sensation. My right nipple was uncomfortably sensitive, while the left was practically numb. It can take 12-18 months for nerve damage to heal, and there are ample warnings about loss of sensation post-surgery being possible, but for choosing the reputed best surgeon in the state for my procedure I was disappointed to have lost sensation in one of my breasts. At the one-year mark, it has returned somewhat, but not completely.

Now let’s look at the good experiences. All the things that I was self-conscious about before (how I looked in bikinis, sports bras, sweaters, etc.) were no longer issues. Bra shopping was fun and fulfilling instead of disappointing and oddly shameful. I feel much more balanced out. I’m 5’9” and had started as a barely-A cup. Now I am I full C. I feel much more confident in my femininity. I love the way my body looks in (and out of!) clothes. And yes, now that I’m a full year in, it’s even comfortable to go without a bra if I feel so inclined.

My conclusion is that I’m honestly not sure if it was worth it. I spent years trying to fall in love with my body as it was and just never quite got there. From a purely aesthetic standpoint, I love the way that I look now. But sacrificing my upper body mobility and training for a full year, and messing up my nipple sensation quite possibly forever, make me question whether it was the right choice.

My best advice would be to know who you are and be brutally honest with yourself about your reasons for having the surgery and what you hope to gain from it. If it’s something that you truly want, and it will help your self-confidence the way that it helped mine, that’s important for balancing out some of the unexpected (and possibly negative) side effects.

I shared more detail about my experience in four videos spanning the week immediately following surgery to a six-month follow-up, which you can watch below.

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