I had .5 mls of Juvderm Dermal Filler Injected into My Lips. Bad First Experience and a Great Second Experience!

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After Juvederm Lip Fillers 1 - I had .5 mls of Juvderm Dermal Filler Injected into My Lips. Bad First Experience and a Great Second Experience!  - review image.
After Juvederm Lip Fillers 2 - I had .5 mls of Juvderm Dermal Filler Injected into My Lips. Bad First Experience and a Great Second Experience!  - review image.
Before Juvederm Lip Fillers - I had .5 mls of Juvderm Dermal Filler Injected into My Lips. Bad First Experience and a Great Second Experience!  - review image.

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Lip augmentation


Performed 2016

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First Experience (BAD) 0.5ml Juvederm £90 ($112)

My name is Rebekah, I had my lips injected with the dermal filler Juvederm for the first time a year ago and was not happy with the results. I travelled an hour away to have them done by a lady in a salon to have them done cheaper (£90). The salon didn’t seem sterile or clinical-like in there and was packed with clients for other beauty treatments such as tanning. The lady that was doing my lips that day claimed to be a nurse to reassure me as I was very nervous. I find any procedure on the face that could change your appearance dramatically if done wrong can be very daunting! As I didn’t want a huge change and wanted my lips to be only slightly lifted at the sides to give me more volume and lip there, I had a 0.5ml Juvederm injection. This is the softest lip filler out there. It's made of hyaluronic acid, which your body naturally produces and breaks down, so it will eventually dissolve away, making it the perfect filler for me. They also make a dissolving agent that can immediately break up the filler after it's injected. That made me feel comfortable, because I knew if I didn’t like the change, I could eliminate it.

Me and my friend went into the room at the same time and had our numbing cream on for around 15 minutes. My friend went first as I was too nervous, whilst the lady started injecting the filler into my friend's lips, she was looking at me and talking! This was the most disturbing thing that she could do. When having your lip filler done, you want the injector be paying attention to your lips!

Once it was my turn, I made sure that the lady knew I was very nervous and that maybe this would make her give me more attention unlike what she did 2 minutes ago with my friend. She didn’t ask me what I wanted and just did what she thought I needed. I wasn’t happy that she made this decision, as I knew how I wanted my lips changed and this option had been taken away from me by saying “trust me” (don’t trust anyone that says trust me...) The procedure wasn’t painful for me though. We both walked out within 20 minutes unsatisfied and a bit meh is that it? I noticed that I had fuller lips, but one side of my lip was slightly larger than the other and when I showed my partner ,he also noticed, which wasn’t a plus.

I had a lot of bruising, which is normal. I couldn’t wait for the filler to go back down, as I had one side bigger than the other and I had lumps! I approached the lady on her social media to say that one side is bigger than the other. She told me to wait until it goes down, as they’re swollen. It never did go down and she didn’t offer to fix them. Although, even if she did offer to fix them, I wouldn’t have taken her up on the offer.

Second experience (GREAT) 1ml Juvederm £230 ($286.50)

Around 3 months after my first lip injections had disappeared, I did a lot more research and found an amazing clinic, with great reviews, before and after photos, video clips, and a large medical staff that goes around all different areas. The clinic that I went to that was closest to me was at Harley Street. I decided to go for 1ml of Juvederm this time and that the money would be worth it (£230) ($286.50). After my last experience, I was not going cheap on another cosmetic treatment ever again!

I also went with the same friend again and once we got ther, we were approached by lovely medical staff who gave us numbing cream and forms to fill out. Once we were ready to go in to the procedure room, we met the lady doing our lips who we requested to have.

The space was very clinical and clean and came across like this was a space just for lip filler procedures. Once again, my friend went first and I watched her have the lip filler injected. The process was a lot longer than previously as there was a lot more care and precision. My friend got up and when I saw her new lips, I was excited for my go! Once I laid down to have my lips done, she asked me what It was I wanted done, to which I said I was happy with the shape of my lips I just wanted my plump lips. The procedure this time was painful and was done differently than before. I think this is also why I didn’t bruise or get any lumps this time!

The procedure was done by inserting the lip filler around the entire lip like dot-to-dot, so it seemed like I had around 30+ injections, whereas the lady I went to previously only did 4 insertions into the lip, which is why I got the lumps.

I sat up and looked in the mirror, I was instantly pleased and knew I would come back in the future. Me and my friend were so happy with the results, even whilst they were swollen we could see how even they were. For the next couple of days, it was strange eating or drinking whilst my lips were swollen as it seemed like everything was going to fall out the side of my mouth. This didn’t bother me as I knew it was going to go down and quite enjoyed the swollen stage. The swelling did go up and down over the week and healed very nicely! It’s been 4 months and my lips still look great. I’m going for another appointment to have another 1 ml injected. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my lips, besides this clinic.

I've attached before and after photos of my good experiencs having lip filler injected

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