I had Botox Injected Into My Chin (ChinTox!). It works!

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Performed 2016

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If you told me 7 years ago that I would be getting Botox injected into all different parts of my face, I would have told you you're crazy. I used to tell friends of mine that they were nuts to even think about injecting the toxin that caused the plague into their faces! I guess I lied...

Here I am and for the past 6 years, I have had Botox injected into my forehead and crow's feet. It has worked amazingly well and has far exceeded my expectations. Once I got past the fact that I was injecting a toxin into my face, I was super happy with the results I would get from it. As I started to age more, I noticed my chin started developing creases when I smiled. I had a little bit of a depression around my mouth and considered having dermal fillers injected. I eventually learned that fillers weren't the best option to treat my issues. My doctor suggested that I have Botox injected into my chin area. Surprised to hear that I could have Botox injected into my chin, I learned that Botox could be used to treat much more than the top half of your face. Many people had received Botox injections into their Masseter muscles (jaw) for TMJ problems and also received Botox treatments to the muscles in the back of their head to relieve migraines. I really had no idea that Botox could be used on so many different muscles to treat a number of health problems. (I don't know if it's FDA approved for all of these areas, or if it's being used off label.) Happy to hear that Botox, a drug I was already familiar with, would help me with the fine lines around my mouth, I decided to go ahead with the treatment.

My Chintox treatment was no different than my previous rounds of Botox injections. My doctor used lidocaine for my injections, which caused me to feel little pain during the procedure. (Do not let your doctor use a dental block instead of lidocaine. Lidocaine mixed with the Botox is so much better!). Using a very small needle, he injected 3 units of Botox into my Mentalis Muscle and 3 units into my Depressor Muscle. He told me preventing muscle contractions in these two muscles would soften up the appearance of my smile lines. Once my injections were finished, I did not have swelling or bruising. A few drops of blood leaked out from the injection site immediately after the needle went in, but that was absolutely it! My doctor wiped away the blood with gauze and I didn't look like I had anything done. I actually had the procedure done over my lunch break and returned to work immediately afterward. Yup - it was that easy!

About 3-4 days after my injections, the Botox starting working. My smile lines started fading a few months after my first round of injections. Around 5 months later, I had to return to my doctor for another set of injections. My experience was the same for the second round of shots as it was for the first.

I've now been receiving Chin Botox for the past year and it has improved the lines around my mouth. I will continue getting treatments because I am happy with the results. The cost, which is around $400 per session, is a bit stiff but I do like the results and can afford to do it, at least for now.

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