I had a Brazilian Butt Lift (Tumescent Liposuction + Fat Transfer): 9 Before and After Photos, 2 Videos, Cost and My Experience!


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"Brazilian butt lift"

Performed 2017

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For years, I struggled with having unwanted fat on my stomach. At 21 years old, I knew in my heart it was not supposed to be there because of my how the rest of my body appeared. I already have nice sized breasts, and never needed a breast augmentation, but a flat stomach and a fuller butt was missing. One day, I decided that instead of focussing on weight loss, perhaps I should consider having a brazilian butt lift. This would allow me to transfer the fat I hated from stomach to my butt. This would solve the two issues I hated most about my body - a flabby stomach and flat butt. With this in mind, I started to actively research butt lift surgery doctors, other patient's experiences, etc.

I wish I knew about bbl surgery sooner, because I would have done it a long time ago! After a month of researching, I found a doctor who had great BBL before and after photos. His name was Dr. Nathan Long, a cosmetic surgeon at Cosmetics Procedures Clinic in Dallas, Texas. I tried to book a consultation as soon as possible, but I had to wait almost two months for my consultation date. I researched the procedure even more, to make sure I asked all of the important questions during my consultation. Finally, the day of my consultation arrived and I was beyond excited! I met with the office manager and she examined my body and labeled me as the “perfect” candidate for a BBL! I was beyond ecstatic! I was quoted $5980 for tumescent liposuction and fat transfer. I wanted to have my procedure done quick, but the doctor was not available until the middle of June, three months after my consultation. I was given a folder with instructions and a websit, where I could purchase a BBL pillow necessary for my post op recovery. I took the time to mentally prepare for the procedure and the physical changes that would come with it. I also used the time to purchase the BBL pillow and a few other things to help with my recovery.

For those of you wondering, I had tumescent liposuction with fat transfer to my butt, which is essential the same thing as a Brazilian Butt Lift. With tumescent liposuction, local anesthesia is used, meaning only the areas getting worked on are numbed. In other cosmetic procedures, you're completely knocked out with general anesthesia.

The day of my surgery I was somewhat anxious, which was to be expected. My surgery was scheduled for later in the day, so by the time it was time for me to go in, a lot of emotions had built up. When I arrived at the cosmetic surgery center, I filled out the standard surgical paperwork in a private room. As I was filling out the paperwork, I met with Dr. Long for the first time. He talked to me and my friend who was going to be taking care of me and told us everything we needed to know and gave us his cell number. After that, it was time to get my measurements taken and my body marked up for surgery. They also took before pictures. After that, I was given Lorazepam to take and antibiotics since I did not take any that day. I sat in the room waiting for the medicine to kick in and for me to start feeling sleepy or drowsy. Then it was time for me to go into the procedure room. I laid on the table for about thirty minutes while the nurse took my blood pressure and put an IV in. Then Dr. Long came in and it was time for the procedure to begin. I started getting concerned because I was not sleeping or anything. My doctor assured me that not everyone falls asleep but most people do. At that moment, the whole experience felt very scar. I was talking with the doctor while he numbed my abdomen and I felt the instrument he was using to numb in the areas before they were numb and it hurt. Nothing hurt more than when it was time to put the fat in my butt. Mostly because my butt was not numbed. It was the worst feeling in the world. After that, my doctor was all done. He quickly placed me in a full body compression garment and waist trainer.

Dr. Long told me that Lorazepam would make me feel like a drunk person after the procedure. I cried the entire way home because I was extremely bothered I was awake for the entire procedure. I thought I would be put under general anesthesia and would wake up with a new body. I tried to eat some noodles because I was hungry but I ended up vomiting everywhere. Then somehow, I took off my waist trainer and my friend who was taking care of me was yelling at me to put it back on and somehow, I managed to do that. It was a very crazy night filled with emotions and crying but I slept eventually. The next day, I had my first post op appointment and had after pictures taken. My doctor also changed the pads over my incisions and gave me an ab board to prevent my stomach from folding when I put on my faja. I was leaking fluid for the first two days after surgery before it stopped. Taking my faja off and putting it on to take showers was a struggle. It hurt going over my butt because it was sore for over a week but not a full two weeks. I also struggled with hooking my faja. It would take me a good 2 hours to get ready after showering because I just could not get it hooked and sometimes I could not get the zipper to zip because the zipper track was very curvy. I had to stay in the faja and waist trainer all day every day the first week. On the third night, I was barely breathing comfortably while trying to sleep because of being so compressed and sleeping on my stomach. I texted my doctor and told him what was going on and he told me I can take the waist trainer off at night to sleep. My breathing was easier but I would wake up feeling very swollen like my abdomen is going to burst out of my faja! Four days after my first appointment, I still had trouble breathing. My doctor was out of town, so the office manager saw me. She gave me a smaller waist trainer to try out later that week and I was now a week post-surgery. I started with an extra-large waist trainer and this waist trainer was a size large. I could not get it on! I had another appointment coming up, so I took it with me and let my doctor know I could not get it on. At my third post op appointment, it was a week and three days since my surgery. My doctor took new measurements, pictures, and told me I should fit into the smaller waist trainer. He put it on me extremely quickly and said it should be stretched out so I will be able to do it on my own. At this point, Dr. Long told me I didn't have to wear the faja anymore if I didn't feel like it but I would need to wear the waist trainer during the day. At this appointment, I pointed out some areas of concern. I had hard spots on my stomach, so my doctor told me to massage them and they should go away while I’m keeping it compressed in the compression garment. I had another appointment the following week and got a smaller waist trainer, a size medium.

As of now, I don't have any other post op appointments scheduled but my doctor told me to call them if I need to go down another size or have any issues.

In summary, I love my results and would not mind doing the process all over again! Dr. Nathan long and his staff were wonderful and helpful! I especially loved the fact that all the garments I received for my recovery were at no additional cost to me. I got one compression bra, two fajas, and three waist trainers so far.

If you're considering a BBL, or tumescent liposuction with fat transfer, do your research and make sure you find the best surgeon that specializes in your particular procedure. Look at lots of before and after photos and good luck with your bbl journey!

I've attached a few videos of the supples I used for my BBL and 1 week post-op experience.

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