I Had a Breast Augmentation With Sientra Implants and Love Them

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Breast augmentation - Silicone breast implants


Performed 2015

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My name is Susan, I am 25 years old and work as a registered nurse in New Jersey. I have wanted to get a breast augmentation since I was in high-school. Having small breasts bothered me for years. I never felt like I looked good in dresses, bathing suits or sports bras. As shallow as this might make me sound, I didn't feel like a complete woman because of my breast size. It was the one physical feature I would obsess over each time I looked in the mirror or saw a photo of myself.

As a medical professional, I did not take my decision to have plastic surgery lightly. I had several concerns that I wanted answered:

1) I am a very active person. I do a lot of fitness competitions like Tough Mudder. Would breast implants impede my ability to exercise properly?

2) I wanted to avoid having the very high and round or 'fake' look some women have after breast implant surgery. I wanted people to think I had natural breasts.

3) I did not want to have a lot of downtime from my job. I could not afford to take off more than 10 days. I had only been working at my current job for a year.

4) I was concerned about breast implants causing cancer and reports of women saying their implants caused them to become ill.

Before even consulting with a physician, I did extensive research on my concerns. I not only read over every review site I could find, but I searched PubMed (US database of scientific research) for every clinical study I could find that was on breast implants. For me, this was the best way to find evidence-based information on breast implants. I feel like forums are sometimes like the game of Telephone - the truth gets manipulated many times before it's published.

Nearly 6 months into my research, I decided it was time to have an initial consultation with a plastic surgeon. Finding a good plastic surgeon was an easier decision for me than deciding if I wanted to have the procedure at all. I work at a large hospital and one the surgeons came highly recommended by many of my coworkers. I also knew what to expect with breast augmentation surgery because I work in a surgical department. I was not scared of being placed under general anesthesia or going under the knife.

My consultation with my surgeon was pleasant. He was surprised at how prepared I was for my breast augmentation and we spoke about my concerns. He put me at ease and was very patient in answering my questions. We discussed the pros and cons of silicone implants and the different types that existed on the marketing. After measuring my breasts width, height and discussing my breast's current projection and what I wanted, we settled on 440 high profile Sientra textured gummy bear implants with a crease incision. My surgeon told me that Sientra breast implants were superior to other implants on the market because of their low capsular contracture rate. I had read similar things online and was in agreement with what my surgeon was recommending. The other factoid that I see promoted online with Sientra implants is that they are only distributed to board certified plastic surgeons, which may be largely responsible for the reduced capsular contracture

I had my surgery done in a hospital. My surgeon operates out of both a surgical center and hospital but as a nurse, I preferred the hospital setting because of the equipment that is on hand in case an issue arose during surgery. I had stories (think what happened to Joan Rivers) and even though the risk of a complication during surgery was low, I wanted to take all precautions.

My procedure went smoothly without any complications and I was home resting within 3 hours of surgery ending. That night, the only complain I had was a bit of soreness around my chest muscles. My pain level was only a 2/10 and despite being prescribed painkillers, was able to get by with Advil.

For the first week, I had some continued soreness but virtually no pain. The most frustrating part of recovery for me was not being able to go to the gym or be active. It took 6 weeks before I was able to pick up heavy objects in the cross fit class I like taking. Your chest muscles (if your implant is placed under them) will take time to recover.

It's now been a few years since my surgery and I am very satisfied with my decision to have breast augmentation surgery. I feel so much better about the way I look and no longer obsess over my chest size. I feel much sexier when I get dressed up for events now. I am also happy that my surgeon recommended Sientra implants, I love the projection my breasts have from the implant shape. I will admit that my breasts don't have a 100% natural look, but they look really good and I'm happy with them. I have received lots of compliments from both sexes and this makes me feel so good about myself.

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