I Had a Complete Mommy Makeover - Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tuck and BBL

hardwork Patient gender: Female Patient age: 41 Cost: $19,000

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"Brazilian butt lift"


Performed 2015

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Two years ago I decided to have a complete mommy makeover. A mommy makeover is a combination of a Brazilian butt lift, tummy tuck and breast augmentation. Some people refer to a Brazilian butt lift as BBL surgery with fat transfer, but it's the same procedure.

To offer a little background information about me, I'm 38 and a mother of two children. Having kids changed my body and not in a good way. I had gained a lot of weight throughout both pregnancies and my mid-section became a problematic area for me. I tried the usual diet and exercise but it only worked to a degree. The fat in my rear, belly and back would not completely go away. By doing online research, I learned that the muscles in my stomach were stretched beyond their normal limits and the body I once had would not be returning without a surgical intervention. I had also noticed my breasts had deflated to smaller size than they were before my pregnancy.

I had my mommy makeover performed by a plastic surgeon in my hometown area of Denver. He came highly recommended by a friend of mine and his online reviews matched what my friend had told me. I don't remember the exact cost of my surgery, but I believe it was around $19,000. I had originally planned on financing my procedure but received an unexpected in inheritance and paid for my whole procedure upfront. The cost of this surgery was the biggest hurtle for me.

My surgery was around 6.5 hours and I was knocked with general anesthesia for the entirety of the procedure. I don't remember anything from my surgery either. During my procedure, my surgeon injected Exparel pain relief medication into my surgical sites. As I will elaborate on below, I think this is why I didn't have much pain during my recovery. This was not the case for another one of my friends, who was in a lot of pain after her mommy makeover. I would ask your surgeon if they use Exparel because it made a huge difference for me.

My recovery was up and down. Days 1-3 were unexpectedly easy. I did not have much pain and I credit Experal for this. I would only take Ibuprofen during the day and the pain medication I was prescribed at night to sleep better. I also slept propped up which was a bit uncomfortable but bearable. My swelling was worse on day 3 than day 1 too. Bruising also seemed to increase.

Days 5-7 were pretty good too. I could independently do things and didn't need my husband to help me with many things. I easily tired though. I took frequent 30 minute rests after doing a small activity, like walking around the house.

My recovery was going as expected until day 9. During the night of my 9th day of recovery I didn't feel well. I took my temperature and it was 102 and I checked it again 3 hours later and it had increased to 103. I felt uneasy about this and feared I had an infection, but it was late at night and I decided to wait until the morning to call my surgeon.

I called my surgeon at 7 am and he had me come into his office. He prescribed me two types of antibiotics and within 24 hours my fever subsided. My surgeon told me that my drains were clear and he wasn't sure what type of infection I had.

By day 11, overall I was feeling good but had some pressure like pain by my belly button. I had a post-op appointment too to see if I could have my drains removed, but they were still putting out 75-80 CCs of fluid, so my surgeon decided to leave them in.

On day 15, I was able to get my drains removed and that was a relief. My two drains and the tubes attached to them were annoying to deal with. I kept worry I was going to catch them on something and they would be ripped out of my body. At this point in my recovery, I was pretty much able to do everything with the exception of heavy exercise but I was still swollen.

As I write this, it's been two years since my procedure. I have the best results I could have dreamed of and I am very happy with my new body. I feel so much more confident with myself and bought all new clothes to show off my new body. My stomach is tight, my butt has been lifted and my bust projects. I feel really sexy now and that's a feeling I have not had a in a very long time. I feel young again and for me, this surgery was worth every penny, and it was certainly a lot of pennies!

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