I Had Coolsculpting on My Lower Abdomen

Liftit Patient gender: MalePatient age: 39 Cost: $3,000

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Front of Body Before Coolsculpting - I Had Coolsculpting on My Lower Abdomen  - review image.
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Side of Body After Coolsculpting - I Had Coolsculpting on My Lower Abdomen  - review image.

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Performed 2013

Procedure review

I had a pocket of fat that ran across my lower abdomen that I wanted to get rid of. I could physically grab my fat and pull it away from my body. I live in a warm state and I hated the way I looked with my shirt off. I wanted more defined abs and was looking for a non-invasive treatment. 

I consulted with a medical spa near my house and was told I was a good candidate for Coolsculpting and could expect a 20-25% reduction in fat on the area that was treated. The cost of my treatment was going to be $3000. 

The Coolsculpting procedure took about 1-1.5 hours in total. I had the procedure done a few years ago and at that time, the applicators took about 1 hour. The newer applicators do the same treatment in about 35 minutes. 

The cooling feeling from the applicator is not that bad. It's like having a sucker fish stuck on your body. The area where the applicator is placed goes numb after 5 minutes or so. 

I listened to music during my treatment session and read a book. It went by pretty quickly and the ambiance of the office helped relax me. 

With about 10 minutes left in my treatment, my abdominal muscles started to spasm. This wasn't unexpected, as the technician had warned me this could happen. The spasms never got to be that bad because the machine switched to it's massage stage as I started getting them. The massage stage feels like pulsating on your abs. 

When the technician removed that applicator, my fat looked like a red frozen butter stick.  The techician proceeded to massage the area to break up the fat cells, which she told me would help remove them from my body more quickly. I experienced an odd burning sensation for about 5-10 minutes as she was massaging my frozen fat. The burning wasn't too intense, so I was able to deal with it pretty well. 

When I returned home and looked in the mirror, I still had some redness in the area that was treated. You could still make out the outline of the applicator's edges. They left a red mark on my skin. 

By the following day, the redness had gone away but I was still numb in the area. It took a good 4 days before the numbess went away.

The first month after my treatment I saw about a 15% reduction in the fat on my abs. Two months later I had about a 20% reduction in fat. 

I like the results I was able to get out of Coolsculpting and plan on going back for a second treatment at some point. The only reason I didn't go back for a second treatment sooner, is that I don't have $3000+ burning a hole in my pocket.

I would suggest Coosculpting if you have a small pocket of fat that simply won't go away. It's a good permanent fat removal treatment and I didn't experience any side effects. The one warning I would give you, is that if you take ibuprofen, you'll have to stop for 8-10 weeks after your Coolsculpting treatment because it interferes with the body's ability to remove fat cells. You can take Tylenol, but not ibuprofen. I regularly take ibuprofen for muscle sorness, so this was a bit of an inconvience for me. 


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