I Had CoolSculpting on My Lower Abdomen and I'm Very Happy with The Results

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I Had CoolSculpting on My Lower Abdomen and I'm Very Happy with The Results - review image.
I Had CoolSculpting on My Lower Abdomen and I'm Very Happy with The Results - review image.

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Performed 2017

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Hello, My name is Helecia Williams and I wanted to share my experience receiving a Coolsculpting treatment with you today.

Having the Coolsculpting procedure was quite an interesting experience for me. When I speak about it being interesting, I'm not referring to it in a negative way. Going into the procedure, I was surprisingly nervous since it didn't require surgery but had the capabilities of eliminating fat cells over time. The concept of Coolsclupting is that it is a fat reduction procedure that works by freezing about twenty percent of the fat cells in the treatment area of your choice. Common areas that are treated are the inner thighs, stomach, chin and arms. The procedure was designed for areas of stubborn fat on your body, not a weight loss treatment. I struggled with my lower abdomen for years. It was also a difficult area to tone. I chose to get that special area treated in hopes that it would give me the additional boost I needed to kick off my fitness journey.

It’s been three months since I've had the procedure done. My experience was extremely pleasant and I have noticed results without working out and modifying my eating habits. I went to a plastic surgery office at the Houston Medical Center. I was determined to visit a doctor who was accredited and knowledgeable. Everyone is not trained for this procedure, so it’s important to visit a doctor and schedule a consultation.

The staff at the doctor’s office were welcoming and informative. They thoroughly explained each step of the process prior to beginning. During the consultation, I could ask as many questions as I wanted to. We also discussed the area I wanted the procedure done on and the risks of the procedure. Immediately following the consultation, I undressed and we snapped before photos. They provide you with Victoria’s Secret underwear and a robe…. not really but I did change into another outfit for the procedure. Once we moved into the treatment room, the nurse applied a protective gel to my skin in the area that was to be treated. The purpose of the protective skin gel, was to protect the skin from burning due to the freezing cold temperatures applied to your skin.

As the procedure began, the only discomfort I encountered was the start of the numbing process. Although it wasn't painful at all, the extremely cold temperatures can be shocking. There was a mild burning sensation as the procedure began. The Coolsculpting machine reminds me of a suction cup. Once it's placed on the skin, it slightly sucks the treatment area in and stays like that. For whatever reason, that part felt ticklish to me. Once I went numb, I felt nothing but pressure as I waited. It was obvious that this huge machine was attached to my body but I couldn't feel it. The doctor's staff checked on me every fifteen minutes to ensure that everything was perfectly fine. The entire procedure took me about forty five minutes. Once the procedure ended, the technician removed the machine and massaged the area for about 2 minutes. I obviously didn't feel that either. Then we cleaned the area and I got dressed. I was done and now my only job was to wait for my final results. I wasn't in the doctor’s office any longer that two hours. The two hours also included the consultation process. I remained numb for about thirty to forty five minutes and experienced mild soreness for about two days. The area did have some swelling, which the technician told me was normal and to leave it alone.

My stomach remained swollen for two weeks after the surgery. I began to see results after approximately three weeks. I noticed that I was using the restroom a bit more frequently, which is a common side effect. Your body is eliminating the fat cells through your urine.

Overall, I feel Coolsculpting is a great non-surgical fat reduction treatment and highly recommend it. The procedure was not painful, was completely effortless on my part and I had amazing final results. Some people will require multiple treatment sessions, but this depends on the specific areas you're having treated.

Good luck!

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