I had Filler Injected In To My Under Eye Tear Troughs

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Performed 2016

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My name is Lisa and I am 44 years of age. The bags under my eyes had been bothering me for a while but I had no idea that there was something I could do to make them look better. I have very deep tear troughs under my eyes, mostly due to genetics from my father’s side of the family. Overall, my skin looks youthful but my under eye bags caused me to look much older. It also bothered me tremendously that I always looked tired no matter how much sleep or rest I got.

While talking to a friend, she mentioned she had had an under-eye filler procedure done and I was amazed. First, because I had no idea such a thing existed and second, because I could never tell in a million years that she had anything done to her face. She just looked fresh and her under-eye area looked very smooth. I immediately started researching the topic and found that my local med spa offered dermal fillers. I scheduled an appointment but was a bit nervous anticipating that this was going to be painful since the under-eye area is delicate and receiving under eye filler through a needle near my eyes did not seem like fun. The staff at the med spa explained that this was a simple filler treatment and that I did not need any special preparation for it.

The day of the appointment, I made sure not to wear any makeup because I did not want any type of shadowing or highlighting on my face that could impact the doctor’s assessment or the procedure. Upon arrival at the office, the doctor had me sit on a large comfortable chair and she proceeded to thoroughly clean my face. She then made markings around my eyes and cheeks to point out the structure of my face and ensure that the filler would be applied in the proper locations. The final step before starting the procedure was to apply topical anesthetic under my eyes to minimize the discomfort. Once all the preparation was completed, the doctor then inserted a tiny cannula in the skin under my eyes. This might sound painful but I felt no pain at all. It was more like a discomfort because I felt the strange sensation of the cannula moving underneath my skin. After that, the doctor started injecting the filler. To make sure my face looked symmetrical and not overdone, the doctor would inject a small amount of filler for about 15 - 30 seconds and then she would stop to look at my face and check the progress. She then would inject more filler and repeat the cycle. After doing this a few times and concluding that the amount of filler was adequate, she then massaged the area underneath my eye for about 30 seconds to soften and spread out the filler. She used her fingers to press down the area and then working her way to the inner corner of my eyes. She explained that the filler would completely soften and settle after a few days. Once the first eye was finished, the moved to the other one and repeated the procedure.

Once the procedure was completed for both eyes, she handed me a mirror to look at the result and informed me that I might have some swelling the next day and/or see some minor bruises. I was expecting some serious swelling but I was very surprised to see that my eyes looked normal. There were just a few dots where the needle had punctured my skin and that was it! I was worried about not being “presentable” immediately after the procedure but it wasn’t the case at all. I even ran some errands right after it! Overall, the whole procedure took about 25 minutes.

The hours following the procedure were uneventful and I did not feel any pain even when the anesthetic wore off. The next day, as the doctor said, I did see some swelling. It was nothing that made me “disfigured.” It looked like I had allergies and my eyes were a little swollen from it. I had a minor bruise on one spot from the prickle of the needle which was easily hidden with some make up. It took a few days for the bruise to completely disappear and I would say about 3 weeks for the filler to completely spread and look smooth. At first, I could see a little “mound” underneath one eye. I massaged the area briefly every morning and it went away after a few weeks as I mentioned. Overall, I am extremely pleased with the results and would absolutely do it again. My daughter, who was not very fond of the idea of me getting a filler, was the first to compliment me! When she first saw me, she said: “Mom! You look younger!” Just that made it all worth it for me! Being in the science field for my profession, I am fully aware that creams are not going to give me any significant results so I much rather invest in a procedure that I know will make a difference in the way I look.

Dr. Lisa Vuich

Windham, NH

Renew Medispa - Windham, NH

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