I had My 300CC Saline Implants Removed and This is Why

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1 Year After Breast Implant Removal Surgery - I had My 300CC Saline Implants Removed and This is Why  - review image.
2 Weeks After Breast Implant Removal Surgery - I had My 300CC Saline Implants Removed and This is Why  - review image.
Before Breast Implant Removal Surgery - I had My 300CC Saline Implants Removed and This is Why  - review image.
1 Day After Breast Implant Removal Surgery - I had My 300CC Saline Implants Removed and This is Why  - review image.

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Breast implant revision - Implant removal


Performed 2015

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I decided to remove my breast implants last year after a lot of research and consideration over the years. I initially had my first breast augmentation surgery in 2001 with Dr. Larry Nichter, a Newport Beach, CA, plastic surgeon. I decided to return to Dr. Nichter to have my breast implants removed nearly 14 years after my original surgery. Although I was pleased with the aesthetic results of my breast augmentation and liked the appearance of my implants, as time went on, I decided that I did not want to have them replaced (you're supposed to receive new implants approximately every 10 years) but removed. My body had changed over the years, and I wanted to look and feel more natural and knew having implant removal surgery would be the best choice for me. After ten years of having the implants, I was suffering from some immune system problems, but did not suspect the implants were a contributing factor. I had done some research and read some reviews from other women who were experiencing similar ailments and subsequently had their implants removed. It took me some time to decide to have my implants removed, because I was terrified they wouldn’t look as good and my self-esteem would suffer. The decision came down to the fact that I did not like having foreign objects in my body, and wanted them out for good. I had saline implants placed under the muscle with an incision through the nipple. I am not sure, but I think it may have been around 300cc, which increased my bra size from a 32A to a 32C. I was 18 at the time of my initial augmentation surgery and removed the implants when I was 32 years old.

When I decided I wanted the implants removed, I scheduled my consultation with Dr. Nichter right away. Dr. Nichter was warm, knowledgeable, and supportive as he had always been. When I told him I wanted the implants removed, he didn’t try to change my mind or instill any kind of fear in me. He gave me all the facts about removing my implants and discussed all my options. He told me that there was a chance my breasts would not look like they had before I received the implants. I was prepared for whatever the outcome would be, and put my full trust in him because of his level of experience. I was also very adamant about having my implants removed regardless of how I looked post-op. Dr. Nichter has decades of experience with breast implants and their removal. He made sure to answer every question I had, even taking my phone calls prior to surgery to discuss any issues and concerns I was having. I never felt rushed in his office, and the entire staff made me feel comfortable and well taken care of. Ella Mancini, Dr. Nichter's assistant office manager, was there often and she was so kind and supportive through this entire process. I scheduled my surgery and was given a very detailed list of instructions on how I would take care of myself in the weeks leading up to surgery. My preparation included a box of vitamins and my prescriptions. This was very helpful, and I believed made the surgery and recovery much smoother. The office staff and nurses were all very helpful and kind. I decided to get a Care Credit account to pay for the surgery, making the total cost $4200 including the anesthesiology and hospital fee. I decided to go with general anesthesia because I did not want to be aware of what was happening during the surgery, and thought it would be worth the extra cost (it was).

Everything went well on the day of the surgery. I met with the anesthesiologist and he put my mind at ease before I went in to the operating room. I wasn’t very nervous, and I was excited to have my implants out. I woke up feeling slightly sore and quite out of it, but I was not in any real pain. I had no problems recovering, and decided not to take any pain medication. I finished the antibiotics and vitamins, and just rested for a week. I could get up and walk around quite often even though my energy was low. I felt better after 2 weeks, but still unable to exercise or lift anything over 10 pounds. Right away, I noticed everything looked good even with the stitches and bandages. The pain was very minimal, not at all like getting the implants put in. I went in for my first post-op appointment and I felt great knowing that I was healing fast and that I had great skin elasticity. Dr. Nichter said everything went well during the surgery. The implants were intact, and clear inside (I was worrying about leaking and mold prior to surgery.) I didn’t experience any sagging skin, or abnormalities. I was very pleased with the results, and after 6 weeks I was able to resume moderate exercise and lifting. Dr Nichter is a surgeon that genuinely cares for his patient’s well-being. He asked that I come in for follow ups to discuss any issues and check progress.

A year and a half has already gone by since the explant surgery. Everything was a success and I believe I feel and look my best. My incision scars have virtually disappeared too. I feel more inclined to exercise these days, and have regained the athleticism I think I had lost over the years from having implants. I feel stronger, healthier, with a better body image than I’ve had in years. I would recommend Dr. Nichter to anyone wanting to alter their appearance. Dr. Nichter provides a natural look for his patients and has the experience and knowledge to back it up. If I ever needed another cosmetic procedure performed, he would be the one to see.

Dr. Larry Nichter

Newport Beach, CA

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