I had Radiesse Injected Into My Chin to Fix A Receding Chin and Here's My Experience

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I had Radiesse Injected Into My Chin to Fix A Receding Chin and Here's My Experience - review image.
I had Radiesse Injected Into My Chin to Fix A Receding Chin and Here's My Experience - review image.

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Performed 2016

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Ever since I was in middle school, my face shape bothered me. I was always a very thin, tall girl, but because of the way my face was shaped, I sometimes looked like I had a double chin when I talked. I would see all these girls with super defined jaw lines and always be jealous. I think one of the reasons I was hyper aware of it, was because I had been a part of the entertainment business since I was very young. Whether society likes it or not, the entertainment business is focused around looks. What look you have, are you pretty enough to be in this campaign, can we sell your look? These are all things I have heard before. This aspect of myself became my biggest insecurity for most of my adolescent life.

When I was nineteen and could make my own decisions, if I could financially support them, I decided to consider solutions. I quickly learned that, because I was now living in Los Angeles, I had a wide range of options. I was drawn to Westside Aesthetics in Brentwood because of their specialization in non-surgical procedures. My great desire to get rid of my insecurity had not overshadowed my horrible fear of blood, so I though non-surgical would be the best route for me! After reading many reviews and watching lots of YouTube videos about these procedures, I decided to make a consultation.

The day of my consultation came around and my friend Courtney was interested in the process as well, so she decided to join me. Over the phone, they had told me that it was slightly more expensive to see Dr. Rivkin, than Dr. Cohen, so I decided to just go with Dr. Cohen. No need to spend extra money, right? When I got into the room, Dr. Cohen made me feel instantly relaxed. He was super nice and very knowledgeable about his profession. I told him the concerns I had with my chin area and he said that the reason that I have that extra skin there is because my chin doesn’t protrude as much as it should. He told me that it could be easily fixed by injecting a filler called Radiesse. This would take care of the skin under my chin and define, my jawline a little more. I was sold.

For a procedure like this, you need the entire syringe, and that cost me eight hundred dollars. He told me that it was so simple that he could do it right then and there and it would only take thirty minutes. I had been thinking about doing this for so long that it was not hard to convince me. He put some numbing cream on my chin and had me sit in with it on for about fifteen minutes. When the time was up, I could not feel my chin at all. Knowing that I had a needle phobia, he gave me a stress ball to squeeze during the procedure. When he started to inject the filler, I could not feel the needle at all. I still had slight panic attacks, knowing I was being poked by a needle, so he gave me constant breaks and juice to sip on so I would not faint. Ten minutes later, I was done.

I was slightly puffy for a couple days, but then I got to see what my new chin looked like. I was in love with it. It was just what I wanted. I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I finally had the chin and jawline I had wanted. I did end up going back a couple months later to get another syringe, just to really amplify the results.

The only downside to this procedure I have found, is that is does not last as long as I would have hoped. Because I am so young and active, my body metabolized the filler fast. I can still see results from the procedure to this day, but they are not as strong as they use to be. I know I can just go back in, but it was expensive and I would rather not be spending eight hundred dollars every six months. But, overall I think it was a great experience and I would do it again. 

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