I had a Wonderful Experience With Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty. Pictures and The Cost of My Procedure Inside!

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Upper eyelid lift

Performed 2016

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For the past few years, I had noticed that my eyelids were very droopy in photos. It appeared as though I had excess skin coming down from my upper eyelids, which hung down from where the natural fold in my eyes would be and would appear in my visual field. I had tried Botox several times in the past, and each time I was able to temporarily fix my issue but it only last a short time. After weighing the cost of repeated Botox injections, I decided to save my money and look into more permanent solutions. I began doing research and learned that the best way to fix look skin in your upper eyelids, was to have a blepharoplasty, more commonly known as eyelid surgery. People can have an upper and/or lower blepharoplasty. I was a good candidate for an upper blepharoplasty.

I decided to schedule a consultation with Dr. Roxanne Guy, a well known plastic surgeon in Melbourne, Florida, who performed my breast augmentation surgery 20 years earlier. I was very pleased with my results from that surgery, so I thought he would be a good doctor to fix my eyelid skin! I also had a friend who had her lower eyelids done by Dr. Guy and I remember seeing her weekly during her recovery. Her eyelids turned out great, so I knew Dr. Guy was the right surgeon for this procedure. 

During my consultation, Dr. Guy confirmed that I was indeed a good candidate for upper blepharoplasty surgery. She told me that the procedure would be done under local anesthesia in his office, and told me I would have a little bit of swelling and bruising but could return home immediately following the procedure. He said the fold in my eyes would hide the sutures well and I would not have much downtime. At the conclusion of my consultation, I felt comfortable enough with Dr. Guy that I scheduled my surgery for 12/2/16.

In preparation for surgery, the week before my procedure I made sure all of my chores were caught up. I made sure I had food in the fridge, laundry done and cleaned my house. I wanted to be able to relax after my surgery. Fortunately, I have an empty nest, so I didn't have any children to care of. I also have an amazing husband, who was going to help take care of me post op.

On the date of my surgery, I arrived at Dr. Guy's office early in the morning. My husband came with me. Before the procedure, I met with Dr. Guy and she explained how my upper blepharoplasty procedure would be performed. She told me I would not experience much pain and the entire procedure would not take long. My whole procedure was done in his office in a sterile environment. Before my excess skin was removed, I was injected with a local anesthetic. Even though this was a surgical procedure, it didn't feel like one. I was very comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire process.

After the procedure was done, I was given post op care instructions and sent on my way. As you can see in my pictures, I had a number of sutures places where my excess eyelid skin was removed. The pictures look worse than I felt. I did not have any pain at all. You'll also notice that my eyelids appear shiny in the photos, this is because a topic antibiotic is applied after surgery and I had to continue applying it 3x daily for a week. However, you can already tell immediately post-op that my droopy eyelids were gone!

My recovery was not difficult at all. My husband and amazing friends made it a breeze. My friends often brought me flowers, food and love, which I truly appreciated. My mother had been there to take care of me after child birth, my breast augmentation surgery, etc., and this was the first procedure she was not there for. Thank goodness my husband and friends provided me with that love and warmth during my recovery. No one can ever replace a mother, but I was thankful for all the love I received.

Throughout my recovery, I was a good patient and kept my head elevated and applied ice frequently. This helped greatly reduce my swelling. I also drank plenty of water to stay hydrated and took all of the medication as prescribed. I'd also advise anyone who has a bleph to avoid bending over and being very active for the first 10 days post op. This will cause blood to rush to your eyes and will cause additional swelling.

My recovery was going great until a week into it, when, and this important so pay attention, I got out of bed and stretched my arms over my head (my inner arm/bicep area), which pulled on my temple and tore open my incision (see photos). I had to have that area stitched up again and this delayed my recovery by a week.

The following week I was able to return to work. I have my own cleaning business, which is very labor intensive, but have some great people that work with me. All of my clients knew that I had had plastic surgery, so it didn't come as a shock to them that I had sutures in my eyelids. If you have a desk job, I would recommended returning to work 3 weeks after your procedure, as no one will notice you had anything done at that point. Even at 2 weeks post-op, most people had no clue I had something done.

In summary, I am very happy with my results. Dr. Guy did a great job and I am very happy with her work. I would go to her again for any cosmetic procedures I decide to have in the future. My results look very natural and no one has ever recognized I had a procedure. People say that I look good, but don't know know why. The loose skin I had on my eyelids is completely gone and I can now see without my vision being impeded now. My eyelid incisions have healed very well and are practically invisible because they fall in the natural crease of my eyelid. For those of you wondering, my eyelid surgery cost $3000 and it was worth every penny.

My before and after pictures are 8 weeks post-surgery. Going into my fourth month after surgery, my eyes look awesome. There is still some redness, but everyone thinks I'm just wearing eyeshadow.

Between my permanent eye makeup and eyelid lift, I feel like a million bucks. Having upper eyelid surgery has changed my life for the better and I do not regret my decision to have cosmetic surgery one bit. My upper eyelid skin looks so much better now and has helped greatly improved my self-esteem.

Thanks for letting me share my positive experience.

Dr. Roxanne Guy

Melbourne, FL

Melbourne Plastic Surgeon - Melbourne, FL