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This is my mommy makeover review experience and I hope it helps you with your decision to have surgery. The surgery gave me my body back and I have been over the moon with my results.

What Made Me Get Mommy Makeover Surgery?

I never considered myself the type to get a mommy makeover, I had nothing against cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery – which is pretty much what a mommy makeover is. After my first child, my body sprang back to shape within months, had zero stretch marks, and I was back in bikini mode just in time for summer.

Then I got pregnant by surprise, well, I wasn’t using any birth control so I guess it wasn’t that much of a surprise. The thing is that I thought a woman’s chances of getting pregnant dropped dramatically at age 35. That combined with my excessive history of junk food/alcohol/drugs I thought would have an effect on my fertility and chances of conceiving. Apparently, all that stuff didn't matter, at the age of 35, I have a surprise pregnancy – twins.

While I was weighing whether or not to keep the pregnancy, I knew my body was going to be destroyed by the twins. It was a selfish and vain thinking loop, but real. There was nothing I could do though, the babies were on their way, I had already fallen in love with embryos. I know now that mothers sacrifice their physical, mental and emotional bodies, their everything – it was now time to test how shallow I was.

What procedures does a mommy makeover consist of?

Long story short, I totally advocate any type of plastic surgery, whether you have children or not. There are cosmetic procedures that specifically target areas caused by mommydom – these are called mommy makeovers.

The main areas targeted by the makeover include a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, breast implants, breast lift, breast reduction and any skin tightening procedure. This can also include various other procedures such as fat transfers, butt lifts, fillers, gastric sleeves, liposuction, cellulite treatments, and body contouring.

I think the most stressful part of having cosmetic surgery is finding a qualified board certified plastic surgeon (finding one whose manner is to your liking is also a definite bonus). All of us are traumatized by the stories that we read and hear about plastic surgery gone horribly wrong. It may feel counterintuitive but after doing the research and finding a suitable doctor, let the obsessive thoughts about what could go wrong go.

Most often, casual referrals through friends are the best way to find a qualified doctor. There is nothing better than a person that doesn’t mind being contacted and sharing their story. It is the way I found my doctor, through a personal reference. Over the years I have heard quite a few times that “doctor so and so” does “great work.” I have found many wonderful connections, contacts, and friends over the years – an honest (and affordable) mechanic is truly a wondrous thing. I have also been screwed over by malicious businesses and predatory individuals so the gift of a good person to do business with is truly a blessing.

I was nervous at my first consultation for the makeover. I had never had elective surgery before, my experience with hospitals was not a positive one. I had two c-sections under my belt at the time that I went in for my first consultation. Having c-sections is something no woman or human can ever get used to. Without getting too graphic, it is an odd feeling to be conscious and not feel a cut (or a laser beam which was also used on me) – yet not feel the actual searing pain. Then to feel your organs being tugged at and shifted…. it's not quite torture but comes pretty close.

Anyhow, I feel it is important to note that the point of a makeover for mothers is to make them feel whole, restored and beautiful again. You are never pressured to do all of the procedures or even a majority of the procedures. The main focuses are breasts, tummy and treating heavy fat/loose skin areas. I don’t think that is even a sales objective for the clinic or doctor to sell as many procedures as possible.

If you ever do get that feeling that an employee is trying to upsell you more treatments than you need, find another clinic, do not reward that behavior. Yes, it is bothersome to call and make a whole other appointment at a whole other place. This isn’t the time to cut corners though, make doctor shopping (especially for a plastic surgeon), a thorough activity. Have qualified, vetted, board certified options.

Before your consultation, I recommend that you determine before you go in, which areas that you definitely want to get done. Once you hear the prices, healing times and surgery times (plus possible complications and other risk factors) – it will narrow down your options and help you choose.

I had droopy breasts and a bulging lower abdomen and decided to go with the breast lift procedure and a tummy tuck. I didn’t really need a breast augmentation, my breasts had enough fat post-pregnancy, just deflated. A breast reduction was definitely not necessary for me either. I had a small D cup breast size prior to the pregnancies, post breastfeeding my breasts deflated down to a saggy C cup.

So I had the consultation for my mommy makeover. As mentioned earlier, the doctor was a friend of someone I knew so I did feel an extra level of personalization. The office staff was cordial also – which is always nice. Bedside manner or appointment-side manner is very important. I care more about skills and depth of knowledge though. The doctor was thorough and prepared. At the conclusion of my consultation, I scheduled a date for my surgery.

The day of my surgery I was nervous. I wasn’t shaking in my boots though, anytime I go under general anesthesia is a complete vacation. Heck, I even weigh asking the doctors for more anesthesia, just to make sure I don’t feel a single thing. I don’t want them to think I'm a general anesthesia addict though - so I refrain from requesting that out loud.

Recovery time is not a joke. A lot depends on the rate that you recover, a positive attitude and following doctors instructions always help. I developed one seroma during my recovery and it was drained by my doctor.

As I healed, I could see these marvelous physical changes taking place with my body. My saggy breasts became perky and my abdomen flattened out. As the swelling went down, my self-esteem went up. My body was looking good - no excess skin or fat, just a nice tight belly and chest. It took about 6 months for me to my final results, but it was worth the long wait.

It was a learning lesson, getting to know how much of your happiness is dependent upon your physical appearance. I definitely know how I feel about cosmetic surgery and makeovers - I will never judge anyone that wants to get one done, for whatever reason mommyhood or not.

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Can you please share the contact details of the surgeon who did your mommy makeover? Thank you. 


My surgery was performed by Dr. Reza Momeni at the Summit Medical Group in Berkeley Heights, NJ. He was amazing!