I have tried everything for excessive sweating - MiraDry changed my life!

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My hyperhidrosis began when I started to go through puberty, in around 5th or 6th grade. To some it may not seem like a big deal, but when I say I sweat excessively, I mean it. I had sweat pools that would form under my arms, leak out into the front and down my shirts. I also had sweaty palms and feet, not to mention a sweaty forehead when I would get nervous. When it first started to become an issue, I tried to overcompensate by wearing baggy sweatshirts so people wouldn’t notice to hide the sweat stains. It didn’t matter if it was the hottest part of summer; I wore black sweatshirts that hung down to my knees so people wouldn’t make fun of my excessive underarm sweating.

Eventually as I got closer to high school, I decided to seek professional assistance. My mom took me to various dermatologists and they started me out with a topical solution called drysol. It’s meant to dry out the spots you apply it to, but it doesn’t get to the glands. For me, it was an awful experience. Instead of working, it ended up causing an irritation and burning sensation. After this failed attempt, I pretty much stopped seeing dermatologists until I moved overseas. I really can’t stress enough how much of an issue it was for me, especially during the formative years of high school. As someone who values beauty and self-expression, it was really difficult not being able to wear what I wanted for fear of excessive sweating.

When I was in 10th grade, my mom was approached by a friend about a procedure that I was then eligible for, Botox. While many people are familiar with this procedure as it relates to helping and preventing wrinkles, it is actually prescribed for hyperhidrosis (excessive underarm sweating) as well. And finally I found something that worked. It consisted of getting around 20 shots in each armpit, but prevented the excessive sweating for many months at a time. Besides a bit of swelling for a day or two after getting the shots, It really worked well. I could be in the gym working out and my armpits would be dry. Unfortunately, as the years went on and I continued to have Botox treatments, they became less and less effective. Preventing sweat for 6 months slowly turned into 5 months, which then turned into 4 months, etc. Years later, it stopped working completely. I was back to underarm sweat and stinky odor glands.

The next procedure I decided to try was called miraDry, which is meant to be a more permanent solution. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s basically a procedure where waves of energy are targeted at your sweat glands. It is currently the most permanent solution to hyperhidrosis that has been FDA-approved. One of the difficult things about the miraDry treatment is the lack of information and reviews, which is part of why I’m writing this. From start to finish, the entire procedure took around 3 hours, and that was only because they take time to prep you and explain everything, including care afterward, etc.

The technician starts out by giving you a temporary tattoo on each armpit which is meant to guide the doctor in applying the waves and lasers. They also have to do around 10 mini shots (which don’t hurt) and then other shots to spread out the lidocaine. This was the only part that hurt, but the numbing took effect really quickly so the pain was short lived. The actual miraDry suction machine that they use is painless. I would compare it to laser hair removal, but it’s less painful than that. If you’re considering it, I would definitely recommend it. As I mentioned, there are needles involved which you may have to get over, but it’s well worth it. One thing I should mention is you may have to go back a second time if it doesn’t work. However, the doctor said in his experience, it’s pretty much 100% effective after the second treatment. Another thing which is a major PLUS is it gets rid of hair, which means you don’t have to shave as much. Who doesn’t like that?

Overall my miradry experience was exactly what I needed for my problem. The recovery time was pretty much minimal and I got great, lasting results. There was slight bruising where the injections were made but it didn't really hurt and went away after a few days. It did cost me about $4,000 but that was for a permanent solution. Botox injections are less but you have to go back each 6 months and spend $700-$1000 each time. If you have been struggling with excessive sweating to the armpit area I recommend looking into a miradry procedure.