I Highly Recommend The CO2 Fractional Laser Treatment

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After Fractional Laser Treatment - I Highly Recommend The CO2 Fractional Laser Treatment  - review image.
After Fractional Laser Treatment - I Highly Recommend The CO2 Fractional Laser Treatment  - review image.
Before Fractional Laser - I Highly Recommend The CO2 Fractional Laser Treatment  - review image.
Before Fractional Laser Treatment - I Highly Recommend The CO2 Fractional Laser Treatment  - review image.

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Performed 2018

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I had been longing to get rid of my deep acne scars. I thought it would be my forever problem, because I have tried so many products (even bought expensive ones) just to make my face flawless. But none of them worked. Some would lighten my acne scars, but they still remained quite visible. Then a friend of mine recommended that I try the CO2 Fractional laser treatment because it yielded amazing results on her face.

So I searched for a clinic where I could have the treatment and found out that my favorite skin center, The Beauty Empire,  is actually offering the CO2 Fractional Laser treatment and the price was P5,500 ($105). So I immediately booked an appointment. Dr. Melanie Macaraeg of The Beauty Empire examined my skin condition and told me that the treatment will be perfect for me. I had mixed emotions because I was excited to see my flawless skin but I was super nervous as well because I am afraid of the laser. Good thing Dr. Melanie calmed me down and told me that it is not as painful as I think it is. So we scheduled the treatment few days after the consultation.

 On the treatment day, I went to their clinic 30 minutes before my appointment. The therapist then applied the numbing cream on my face. After 30 minutes, my face felt totally numb. My heart was pounding when the Doctor came in because I was terribly nervous but I said to myself, I can do it in the name of flawless skin haha. Then the treatment started and you know what, it wasn't really painful at all. As in, the bite of an ant was way more painful than the treatment haha. I just felt the laser firing on my face but it wasn't painful, I swear. I just felt a little bit pain on my upper lip area. After few minutes I got more comfortable and excited to see my face after.

After the treatment, my face was noticeably red and there were traces that looks like square grids. Few hours after the treatment, I felt stinging sensation because the numbing cream was gone. Though the sting was very tolerable. My doctor advised me to use mild cleanser and moisturizer like Cetaphil. She also advised me not to use anything on my face such as makeup or anything for 7 days. After 3 days, the grids on my face were more obvious, they look more red. Then on the fifth day, I noticed that the grids or traces were flaking off. It was a sign that my skin was healing and about to be better.

After 7 days, the redness are completely gone. The grids and flakes were totally off too. I noticed that the scars on my face were not as deep as before. In fact, most of them are gone. The dark spots on my face vanished too. My pores were visibly smaller compared before. It was like a completely new face. I was so happy with the result and so excited to go out to showcase my new skin to my friends and family. As expected, they all complimented my skin and told me that I look better. That made me happy and it was a priceless feeling for me because for the longest time, I haven't received a single compliment on my skin.

To anyone suffering from deep acne scars and pigmentation, I highly recommend the CO2 Fractional laser treatment. There's hope! There's a solution. This treatment will surely deliver amazing result. Make sure to free your schedule because there's a week downtime for this treatment. But if it's ok for you to go out with some grids on your face, then there will be no problem. By the way I am MJ Perez from Manila, Philippines and I'm 26 years old. I had my treatment at The Beauty Empire.






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