I Love My Curves After BBL Surgery

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"Brazilian butt lift"


Performed 2017

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I had my Brazilian Butt Lift done at Spectrum Aesthetics by Dr. Mel Ortega.

I initially had no idea what to expect from a BBL, so I searched on Google to find out about the side effects, results, price, etc. I learned that a BBL took fat from one location on your body and moved in to your butt to give it a lift. I did not think that was at all what a BBL was. I thought a BBL involved cutting, putting butt implants in and suturing you to make your rear appear bigger and more raised.

I used Google to find my plastic surgeon too. I stumbled across Dr. Ortega when looking at before and after under the images tab on Google. He seemed to have lots of good reviews and many before and after photos of patients I felt had good results.

I scheduled an appointment for an evaluation with Dr. Ortega. He explained from A to Z how my procedure would go. He was very thorough and explained everything in detail. I saw his board certified credentials on the wall and he showed me tons of bbl surgery before and after photos with top notch results. I felt comfortable with him, so I went ahead and booked my surgery.

The day of surgery I was scared, excited and nervous all at the same time. Dr. Ortega reassured me I was going to do fine and was going to have the look we had discussed. He made me feel comfortable and safe, which made a world of difference when I was moments away from being put to sleep.

Post-op I was in mild pain. Nothing I couldn't deal with. I could immediately tell I had results, but I was very swollen.

The ride home from the surgical facility really killed me. It was very painful every time my husband hit a bump.

The first 3 days post BBL are really tough. I was very swollen and had a lot of draining for the first 72 hours. I had to put pads on my bed to soak up some of the fluid that was exiting my body. I was on a lot of pain medications and I did not eat any salt for the first week. Not having salt really helped reduce the amount of swelling I had. Arnica pills and gel also really helped cut down on the swelling I had. I would recommend buying some before your surgery, so you have it during your recovery.

For the entire first week I had a lot of bruising and swelling. It wasn't until the second week of my recovery that things started to look better. I was also able to get off antibiotics and pain meds during the second week because I guess I was out of the high risk of infection window post-op. I was still wearing my faja, which is a compression garment, that holds your butt and legs together nicely. The only time I removed it was during my lymphatic massages with Gloria (she's great) and when I showered. It did get covered in fluids, so I ordered a second faja off Amazon so I could wash one and wear one at the same time.

I didn’t really walk a lot during the first two weeks of recovery but I tried to. This was especially true during the first week and I became more like my old self during the second week. I figured this would happen because of all the fat cells that were moved around my body.

Here are some of my other suggestions if you're having BBL surgery:

-It's going to hurt when you urinate. You'll need something to hold on to so you can hover over the toilet for the first few days.

- Take laxatives early on during your recovery. I waited too long and did not have a stool for almost 5 days post-op.

- Get a BBL pillow before you have surgery. That way you'll have it for the ride home. I regret buying mine two days after surgery.

- You'll be laying on your stomach a lot, so buy plenty of comfy pillows to support your weight.

It's been 6 months since I had my surgery and I love the projection and contour my butt now has. I bought all new clothes a month after surgery and it felt so squeezing into new jeans. My butt makes me feel so much better about myself and I'm glad I had Brazilian butt lift surgery. I still have some time before I see my final results, but I'm really excited about the results I already have.

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