I love My New Lips After Lip Injections

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Hi all - My name is Sanna and I am 23 years old. Ever since a young age, I have been interested in plastic surgery. I call it my 'eye for aesthetics.' I've always felt that if there is an area of your body that you dislike and it makes you insecure, if there's a way to fix it, you should do it. I'm not suggesting you have cosmetic surgery to look like someone else, but I think you should do it if it'll make you happier.

9 months ago I had my first experience with lip injections. I did it because while I have always liked the shape of my lips, I wanted fuller lips with more definition. I wanted my lips to look similar to Kylie Jenner's. To do this, I had researched dermal fillers and their effect on adding volume to people's lips. Many of the before and after photos I saw looked like what I wanted. Some of my best friends had also received lip injections and all of them had amazing results.

Before getting lip injections, I had researched the most popular fillers on the market - Juvederm, Restylane and Juvederm Voluma. All of these fillers are hyaluronic acid fillers, which are naturally produced inside your body but each one has a different viscosity and thickness. All seemed to have pretty favorable reviews, but it seemed like Juverderm Voluma was the favorite amongst patients and injectors for lip injections. I decided this was also the filler I wanted.

Once I knew what kind of filler I wanted injected into my lips, I began looking for an expert injector. I had read that nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and doctors were all able to inject. At the advice of one of my best friends, I scheduled a consultation with the nurse who injected her lips.

My best friend was nice enough to accompany me on my consultation to the nurse injector's (Sara) office. During my consultation, Sara asked me all sorts of questions. She asked me if I had any allergic reactions, if I had done lip fillers previously and if I had ever had a disease or surgery. Sara told me this information was crucial to know before performing any procedure, not only cosmetic procedures. I also had to sign a paper verifying that what I had said was truthful. Then Sara proceeded to tell me about the procedure itself, the potential side effects and risks. Satisfied with what Sara said, I decided to proceed with the injections. I honestly was not that scared about the procedure and was not concerned with the risks or side effects, because none of my friends who had received injections from Sara had any problems. Sara's office was also known to be a very reputable clinic and highly recommended one.

It was then time to begin my procedure. To start, Sara applied a numbing cream to my lips. Once my lips were completely numb, she wiped off the numbing cream and applied a disinfectant to make sure my lips were completely clean. Now this is where I have to be completely honest. My personal experience was that this procedure was not very comfortable. I wouldn't say it was painful, but I certainly had some discomfort during the procedure. Even though my lips were numb, I could feel the needle being inserted into my skin at each injection site. When Sara injected my cupid's bow area, or the very top-middle of your lips, it felt especially uncomfortable. Throughout my procedure, I had to take 1-2 minute breaks after each of the injections. Sara was very patient and nice about allowing me to do this. After 20 minutes, my entire procedure was over.

Following my lip injections, I did have some swelling but no real bruising. My upper lip was more swollen than my lower lip, which was only a little swollen. I used an ice pack on my lips over the next few days after my injections and slowly my swelling went away. My lips certainly didn't look bad with the swelling though. It just looked like my lips were a bit fuller than I wanted.

My overall impression of lip fillers is really positive. Since my first time receiving lip injections, I've gone back to Sara for additional lip fillers. With each additional visit to her office, I experienced less and less discomfort. I think this is because I was mentally prepared for what to expect when I received lip injections on subsequent visits. I also could not be happier with my results. My lips look really nice and have a natural look, just what I had hoped they would be like. It has now been more than 1.5 years since my last lip injections and while my volume has decreased, my lips still look good. I will be going back to Sara in the near future and have absolutely no hesitations getting lip injections.