I Regret Getting 390CC Silicone Implants...Not Due to My Results but My Mental Health

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After Breast Implant Surgery 1 - I Regret Getting 390CC Silicone Implants...Not Due to My Results but My Mental Health - review image.
After Breast Implant Surgery 2 - I Regret Getting 390CC Silicone Implants...Not Due to My Results but My Mental Health - review image.
Before Breast Implant Surgery 1 - I Regret Getting 390CC Silicone Implants...Not Due to My Results but My Mental Health - review image.
Before Breast Implant Surgery 2 - I Regret Getting 390CC Silicone Implants...Not Due to My Results but My Mental Health - review image.
Breast Implant Surgery Scar 1 Month Post-Op - I Regret Getting 390CC Silicone Implants...Not Due to My Results but My Mental Health - review image.

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Breast augmentation - Silicone breast implants


Performed 2015

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I want to start off by saying this: If you are thinking of getting ANY plastic surgery, rethink it — and then rethink it again.

Another side note: this may sound “hokey” to some of you but this is truly how I feel and what I have come to realize over the past few years since my breast augmentation surgery.

I jumped the gun with my surgery and was quite happy with the “results” at first, but as time went on and I grew as a person (mentally) I felt a sense of guilt and regret that slowly grew as time went on. I now stand here, about 3 years after my surgery and if I could go back I would have never gotten this surgery.

We live in a time when instant gratification is what we want and usually we can get that — and that is exactly the mindset I had. I got this fleeting idea that I could afford breast implants, made appointments with a few plastic surgeons and was easily talked into scheduling my surgery date within the first 20 minutes of my appointment. I mean, it is their job and livelihood, so I don’t blame them .. but I wish I would have slowed down and realized then what I realize now.

I realize now that I have everything in me that I need, mentally and physically. My body is healthy, functions, moves and grooves daily all on its own (so long as I feed it properly and take care of it!). My mind is creative, beautiful, compassionate and caring. And with a little self-help, meditation, yoga and other mental health tactics, I am more confident in myself! But again, in that moment I wanted instant gratification.

I know now that my implants had nothing to do with my breasts, and everything to do with my own self-worth. I wasn’t paying attention to myself when I made the decision to take a nearly $8,000 loan out and have a man cut my chest open and insert silicone breast implants into my chest. I was thinking 'I will be so happy when this is over and I will have so much more confidence in shirts and bikinis (as if that even made sense!).' I truly thought that the surgery and cost were WORTH it because this was the answer to so many of my problems and I “deserved” it.

So again, rethink .. and then re think again. You have everything inside of you - self-love, self-worth, and confidence are all in there and no surgery will make them come out.. but YOU can. Mental health is something that is ignored quite frequently in today’s world but it is the ROOT of our happiness. Work on it BEFORE making any big decisions. You won’t regret it!

The main factor in my mental health changes were: Going vegan (this started it all!!), listening to new podcasts (starting with Wayne Dyer!), reading self-help books, starting my yoga practice (I practice at home but classes are where you should start - just to get the basics down!), meditation (I also do this at home using an app on my cell phone!), walking my dog daily, hiking/camping/traveling (I could have went across the world with that $8,000!!) and spending my time with people I love. So, find your mental health “helpers” and feed them — starve the ego (those constant “I wish I had” thoughts!) … you will not regret it!

Recovery Time:

I will keep this as short as possible! It was gross - that is the best word I can describe it as. I woke up after my surgery and was shaking violently and could not stop (I have no idea why!) .. Like I was cold but I wasn't cold. My mom and boyfriend got me into the car and we went and filled my painkiller prescription (I am a recovering addict so this in itself was a bad idea - I now won’t even take Tylenol because I am so against pharmaceuticals) .. I got home and it was just painful for the next 2-3 weeks - especially sleeping. It felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest and sitting up/moving my arms was impossible. I had to lay propped up on 4-5 pillows, I couldn’t lay vertically on my back and no sides or stomach whatsoever.

My fitness also struggled — the pec muscles are useless! Which are used in a lot of poses during yoga. This got a bit better over time but I still feel my pec muscles are very weak and awkward. During long hikes and short runs/jogs my chest muscles began to ache as well. This “creeps me out” as I feel I have something inside of me causing this pain/uncomfortable feelings.. because it, in fact, is the silicone object inside of my body causing it.

I hope this helps a few people in their journey.. again, you have everything inside of you! You just have to take the time to manifest it and nurture it - instead of dropping $1000s on a really bizarre surgery for that “quick fix/instant result."

Dr. Robert J. Mirabile

Blue Bell, PA

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I couldn’t agree more with you!!! When I was reading this I thought it was so similar to my story, only mine was 22 years ago! I am looking at getting them reduced drastically in the near future. I have left the original ones in way past the required time because I have Lupus and any surgery or disruption of my body can be extremely detrimental to my health. It’s unfortunately gotten worse over the years. 

I am unable to have the implants just removed as I would like. I myself am vegan and believe in living as very clean and pure life as virtually possible. The plastic surgeon that I was referred to out of Utah ended up being a chop shop. He took all the breast tissue out, removed the entire areola, placed it back by stretching it out and stitching back. I woke up on the table, another girl almost got taken in for the wrong surgery, and upon returning home there was a special on the butcher doctor who was working with a revoked license! Not to mention I almost ended up in the hospital due to the infection on both breasts. To this day I still have issues with where the cuts were made around the areola. 

After this experience I never want anything in my body again, but after what this butcher did I know I don’t have a choice, unfortunately. So, hopefully all those thinking of getting breast augmentations will seriously do research on your doctor and look deep within yourself prior to this decision. Think about what that extra weight will do to your bones. Oh and clothes are sometimes much harder to find!!  Victoria’s Secret doesn’t make sizes for large breast women!!  If you are small and big chested... good luck finding clothes that actually fit!!! Exercise, your breasts are going to weigh way more depending on how large you go. Think about that before hand... then double it!! Don’t forget overtime we sometimes gain weight in our breasts naturally ( hormones, natural weight gain, etc..) this will be additional weight that you will need to account for on your back, exercising, and during clothes shopping.

I wish someone had told me these things prior to me getting mine. I definitely wouldn’t have gone so large. FYI. Large breasts don’t make your waist look slimmer, especially if you’re short to  begin with! It actually makes everything look more compact. I didn’t realize that when I was younger, too late currently. 

God Bless!