I Started off 2018 With a Vitalize Chemical Peel

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I had a Vitalize chemical peel performed by Megan Steel, a physician assistant at Image Dermatology in Montclair, NJ.

I am 32 years old, have a small amount of acne scarring on one of my temples, but otherwise have good skin. Now that I'm getting older, I wanted to be proactive about maintaining my skin and have decided to get a chemical peel every 1-2 months.

My Vitalize Peel cost $225 and took about 10 minutes to do. Megan was very sweet during the procedure and clearly explained how the peel worked and what she was about to do. She told me the Vitalize Peel worked on the superficial layers of your skin and consisted of 3 steps:

Step 1: Alcohol prep - This cleans the surface of your skin of any bacteria, dirt, etc.

Step 2: Jessner's Solution - A mixture of lactic acid, salicylic acid and resorcinol (e.g. retin a). This mixture breaks down the bonds in your skin cells and causes it to peel. Jessner's solution is designed to not penetrate your skin as deeply as some of the more abrasive peels on the market.

Step 3: Moisturizer - This calms and moisturizes your skin.

When Megan applied the peel to my face, I felt a very slight burning sensation that was completely negated by a fan she had blowing on my skin.

When I left Image Dermatology, my skin was not red at all, and I have sensitive skin, so that should be indicative of how mild the peel was.

It took 2 days before my skin started to peel. I apply moisturizer to my face after I shower in the morning and that's when I first noticed my skin starting to flake off. The peeling was mild at first and started to get worse over the next two days. I have a beard on my face, which allowed me to cover up much of the flaking. It took 7-8 days before the peeling stopped.

Megan had told me that the peel would make my skin look 'brighter,' especially if I received a peel each month. She was right - my new skin looks brighter and more youthful than it did before the peel. I also think my skin tone is more even and my acne scars have improved.

I am happy with the results of my chemical peel and will continue to get them every 1-2 months. After only a single peel, my skin texture has noticeably improved. The Vitalize Peel is very mild and I'm certain it would be effective for people of all skin types, so go get one! Megan at Image Dermatology is wonderful if you live in the New Jersey area.

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