I was scared, but Botox was worth it!

SharaEl Patient gender: Female Patient age: 46 Cost: $500

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Botulinum toxin A


Performed 2018

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I am very keen on keeping my body in shape. I am 43 years old from Brooklyn, New York. However, no matter how healthy my lifestyle I was still seeing some aging in my face. Every time I looked in the mirror I could see the crows feet around my eyes and wrinkles and fine lines on my forehead. I decided that it would be a good idea to go to a plastic surgeon to see if I could get some sort of treatment for facial rejuvenation.

I was set up with the nurse of the practice who performs a lot of the cosmetic treatments. She talked to me about the benefits of botox injections and how it could produce great results and refresh my look a bit. I was a little skeptical about getting botox because of a lot of poor stigma that is portrayed about the procedure. I was scared that people would notice I got it and I would look like I had a frozen face.

I inquired about maybe microdermabrasion or a chemical peel to refresh my face, and she told me these are great options as well but really was pushing me to give botox treatment a try. It was a 10 minute procedure with no downtime and she assured me that the bad rep from botox was spoken by people who don't know anything about the procedure. She gave me some information about botox and told me to go home, talk to my husband and do a little research online about other patient's botox experiences'. I watched a lot of youtube videos of women's experiences with botox and most of it was pretty good. Besides from a small amount of potential bruising and swelling in the injection site it was very easy. Almost all of the women said they ended up loving the way they looked.

Although still a bit hesitant I decided to give the nurse a call an schedule a botox appointment. When I got there I sat in the waiting room for a few minutes and then went into a medical office. She told me to relax and explained the botulinum toxin is fda-approved and completely safe. It just paralyzes your facial muscles, treating fine lines, wrinkles, frown lines, and under eye bags. She even said this miracle drug is sometimes used to treat bad headaches (migraines) and even excessive sweating.

After talking for 10 minutes and basically calming me down she told me I was going to feel a small pinch in my forehead and that would be it. She injected into 3 spots on my forehead. The amount of botox that was used was 20 units. I felt zero pain. And before I knew it she smiled and said that was it. I laughed and told her I got nervous for nothing.

The first few days after the procedure my forehead did feel a bit tight and actually looked a bit shiny oddly enough, but I did notice that my deep forehead lines were no longer present. It was actually a pretty cool feeling. Looking in the mirror I could absolutely see the difference in my face. It took at least 5 years off me, in my opinion.

Long story short, I loved my results from botox and will continue to get it. It is a bit pricy because its around $500 and for best results you need to get it 2-3 times a year because it will wear off. I never thought I would get a plastic surgery procedure but this is non-invasive and really quite simple. I am trying to get a few friends to try it so we can talk about it LOL. I hope this short review convinces anyone who is skeptical about your botox treatment that you will be okay. Be sure to get as much medical advice from your board certified plastic surgeon, certified nurse, PA, or technician doing your procedure. Ask them lots of questions if you are worried and watch videos online. Nothing gives you a good feel for the procedure than listening to real people's botox experiences. Good Luck!

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