If You Have Acne, You Need to Take Accutane.

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Accutane was sent from the heavens. It is the only cure for acne that exists on the market. I suffered from such bad depression because of my severe acne before Accutane. I tried every product that existed: benzoyl peroxide, strong antibiotics (doxycycline and bactrim), salicylic acid scrubs and not a single one of them did anything. I would often think they were helping my acne, only to breakout even worse than I did before I started using the product. I never had clear skin from age 13 onward and it bothered me so much. I remember how angry I used to get when I got up in the morning and noticed I had a new zit. It used to make me even more mad when people would tell me 'don't touch your face' or 'don't eat greasy foods.' I always washed my hands, never touched my face and did not eat any greasy foods (or soda, only water), yet I still broke out all the time! I never wanted to go out because of my skin. It was so bad and I'm still pissed at the dermatologists I saw before the doctor who prescribed Accutane to me. It was like they wanted me to keep coming back to pay their copay, and would give me some new lotion, but none of it worked. I just don't understand why they never even brought up Accutane. It would have made such a difference when I was in high-school and college. When I finally did get put on Accutane, I was 23. I was put on a 6 month course of Accutane. 20 mgs for months 1-2, 40 mgs for months 2-4 and 60 mgs for months 5-6. The brand I was given was called Absorica.

Other than dry skin, which I easily prevented by using Cetaphil facial cleanser and moisturizing constantly, the only other side effect I got was some mild joint pain, dry lips and dry eyes. I was on a low dose for my weight, but I trusted my dermatologist. I am probably one of the rare people who actually liked being on Accutane. The monthly blood tests didn't bother me and my skin looked amazing. For the first time in my life, a girl I knew asked what I did to my skin to make it look so amazing. That was the first time anyone had ever complimented my skin and it felt good. Accutane gives you vampire skin, where it looks like you have no pores. I loves it. I knew that while I was on Accutane I never had to worry about waking up with a zit on my face. The only drawback is you can't drink alcohol while you're on it. That's tough to do when you're 23 and living in NYC. I slipped up a few times and had a beer or two on a given Friday, but I'm not a huge drinker to begin with, so I got by.

Accutane was without a doubt in my mind, the single best decision I've ever made. It gave me such a boost in self-confidence that I would take Accutane every day for the rest of my life if I had to. I never get blemishes any more, no oily skin and I no longer need to buy any acne treatments. I shower and apply moisturizer after I get out. That's all I do now to take care of my skin. Accutane is a miracle drug - it's been 3 years since I took it and I still have clear skin. It's a long term treatment that works and if you have bad acne and don't take, you're foolish.

Dr. Michael Wiederkehr


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