I'm 26 Years Old and Had Dermaplaning

KelseaWiggins Patient gender: Female Patient age: 29 Cost: $79

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Performed 2018

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My name is Kelsea, I'm 26 years old and I live in Columbus, OH. I received a dermaplane treatment at Face Forward Aesthetics in Worthington, OH with Florence. The service was free in exchange for promoting the new office on my Instagram, YouTube and social channels. However, I think the normal price of a dermaplane with her is around $79. 

I arrived at 11:30am to receive my dermaplaning treatment during my lunch break. It was a quick process that took about 45 minutes all together. I had been to this office before, so I was very comfortable and familiar with the settings. I showed up without makeup, but still received a wipe down with a strong, alcohol smelling substance. I received a steam treatment and some other wonderful smelling substances on my face. This was placed to ensure no nicks or flaking occurred during the dermaplane, which is essentially scraping (with a blade) of the top layer of skin. All of this happened on a heated bed, in dim lighting with soothing music. I could've fallen asleep. I expected to feel uncomfortable or even a little pain but I felt nothing. It was as if she wasn't even using a sharp object. As she was scraping off the hair and skin, she wiped the debris on a white piece of gauze, so I could see what was coming off. It seemed to be a lot of skin and not so much actual hair until she got to my jawline and sideburns. That was astounding! 

After the dermaplaning was finished, another moisturizer was placed on my face with massage-like motions. I expected this to sting because of the dermaplaning I had just received, but there was zero pain. It was hard to leave that very peaceful treatment-- but it was time to go home. I stood up and looked in the mirror to see my soft, dewy, supple skin that almost glowed. I didn't put makeup on for the rest of the day/night per instructions and just rinsed in the shower that evening-- not using any harsh cleansers or toners. The next day my makeup went on seamlessly -- almost the way it was intended to. I've been super happy with my dermaplane experience and will make it a consistent part of my skincare routine. Florence recommended dermaplaning every 6-8 weeks, so I will definitely be back.

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