I'm a 40 Year Old Man and I Get Botox Injections

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Botulinum toxin A


Performed 2017

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'I'm a man and I get Botox injections.'

Years ago, that probably would have been very embarrassing for me to admit. These days, I'm one of several of my friends who make thrice-annual visits to my plastic surgeon to receive these injections. I'll admit it, I'm vain. I care a lot about my looks. I was born good looking and work out a lot to stay lean and mean. I take impeccable care of my skin too. I do what it takes to make sure I get continued attention from the opposite sex. This may sound shallow of me, but why wouldn't I want to maintain my looks and appeal to the opposite sex?

Back to what I think of Botox. For starters, it's great. It does what it's supposed to. I am 40 years old and had some forehead lines and elevens between my eyebrows that I likely had since I was in my twenties, but I wasn't bothered by them until I was in my late thirties. They got deeper and more noticeable as I aged. In made me self-conscious and I began looking at friends of mine who were the same age to see if they also had fine lines and wrinkles. I noticed that most of my friends had wrinkles that were deeper than mine but one didn't. He had a very smooth forehead and I decided to ask him if he had any secrets. He told me his smooth forehead wasn't due to any secret. He said it was due to his frequent Botox treatments. He also told he didn't drink but I didn't either and I was still getting lines. I asked him for his doctor's name, which he provided and I scheduled an appointment. y injections were not uncomfortable at all. I don't have an aversion to needles and Botox needles are so small (like flu shot needles) I didn't even feel it going in. There was no bruising, swelling or red marks and I returned to work right after my treatment. The only part that I found a little bit odd about Botox, is that a few days after your injections, your forehead muscles lock up. By 'lock up' I don't mean that they are completely frozed, but your forehead muscles definitely have much more limited movement. The feeling is a bit disconcerting at first but you get used to it quickly. I only had this feeling the first time I got injections because after that I knew what to expect.

I am completely satisfied with Botox and the anti-aging effects it's had on my face. I now return to my plastic surgeon every 4 months for booster shots. I will keep getting Botox until I'm so old it doesn't matter anymore. To all my male brethren, if you want to maintain your appeal with women (or keep your wife from leaving you), I'd recommend getting Botox. It's expensive but there's no price on beauty.

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