I'm a 40 Year Old Mom and Have Had Many Chemical Peels With Great Success

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Skin 3 Months After Chemical Peel - I'm a 40 Year Old Mom and Have Had Many Chemical Peels With Great Success  - review image.
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Skin After My Fourth Chemical Peel - I'm a 40 Year Old Mom and Have Had Many Chemical Peels With Great Success  - review image.

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Chemical Peel


Performed 2018

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I am a 40-year-old mom living in the city of Ontario, CA. I enjoy, and am proud of, taking care of myself. I work out daily, drink water and eat rather healthy.

I had some concerns regarding my skin. I knew it was time to do something to take charge of my skin issues. One of the major problems I still battled with, was tiny little acne bumps. I had some success at home, using DIY concoctions I found online, but if I didn't keep up with the regimen, 100% of the time, the problems reoccurred. With my busy schedule, sometimes I had just enough time to wash my face, but even still, I felt like I needed an overhaul. Once in a while I did schedule basic spa facials and some acne extraction facials, which did help rejuvenate the skin on my face. The problem with facials is the results lasted a few days and I was back to the same dull skin with tiny acne bumps. I noticed my workouts, certain food and inconsistent facial cleaning routine affected my skin most of all, so I made sure to eliminate those foods from my diet to start improving my skin. Although this helped, it was not always convenient to avoid those foods, or to wash up completely immediately after my workout. I also wasn't following my facial beauty routine 100%.

All of these factors played into the continued issues with my skin appearing in my daily life. One day, I heard from a friend that she would be having the classic chemical peel procedure done and that she would be unavailable for 2 weeks! When I finally was able to see her, her skin was so bright red, it was scary. She literally could not go outside and although some make up did help to cover up the redness, it really did not allow her to be out in public. After a few weeks, I was able to see the results in her face. She looked renewed, refreshed and radiant. It was like she grew new skin- I was honestly impressed. But to me, the redness and time off from life was not worth the results. I can't take 2 weeks off from the world! I have a son and a job to attend to.

I heard of a newer, less invasive version of the chemical peel, and was invited to try it at my friend's husband's new spa, Soma Med Spa in Glendale. Being that I have an Instagram and YouTube channel about beauty, I decided to be brave and give it a try as I document it, as well as my results. I say, "be brave" because the thought of chemically burning my skin scared me incredibly. The images in my head of my friend's red face gave me anxiety.

I researched videos on YouTube of other people getting the same type of chemical peel that I would be getting and what made me feel safe was that in each video they mentioned being able to go back to their regular life on the same day. There was no mention of having to take time off. I made my appointment.

The first day I arrived, Dr. Julieta Moran, made me feel very comfortable by answering all of my questions:

Does it hurt? It tingles a little, but nothing I was not able to tolerate. Feels like a cinnamon mask (if you have ever done one at home.) But after each layer, they ask you how you are doing and if you are ok with getting another layer of the product on your skin.

Are the treatment results immediate?

You need about 3-6 to see a big difference since the results are gradual. I got the TCA peel (sensi peel) which is a lower grade peel and am now tolerating a higher-level peel after my 2nd time.

Is there a lot involved in the aftercare?

Not really. You get an aftercare kit and you just wash your face with their mild face soap and use spf which is also provided. Because of the layer of skin that has been removed, you are at risk for sun damage such as hyper-pigmentation. I also used their soothing lotion when the irritation was bothering me.

How much is it?

The price depends on the location, but you are looking to pay an average about $100-$150 per session, and you can get it done once a month. The results have lasted even when I scheduled my monthly peel.

What's it like post-peel?

The peeling process after you peel is not bad (about 1-2 days after). You do peel, but it looks like the peeling you get when you go on a tropical vacation. It's a very light flaking and you can somewhat cover it up with makeup. When my skin was peeling, no one noticed except for me.

What are your final thoughts of your chemical peel?

The first time, I was very nervous, but after the 3rd time, I was excited about my 4th time. My results have been pretty amazing and I can't wait to continue on this journey. The biggest difference is my skin looks like all the dead skin layers were removed. It looks hydrated and youthful! My small acne bumps are gone and I can eat those trigger foods again, in moderation. I still workout and drink plenty of water, and if I am not as regimented about my skin, it still looks great. It's like I reset my skin or did an overhaul to get a fresh start and it was worth it!

I've attached a video if you're interested in learning more about my experience having a chemical peel.  

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