I'm a Mother of 2 and This is My Experience With Vaginal Rejuvenation

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I'm a Mother of 2 and This is My Experience With Vaginal Rejuvenation  - review image.
I'm a Mother of 2 and This is My Experience With Vaginal Rejuvenation  - review image.
I'm a Mother of 2 and This is My Experience With Vaginal Rejuvenation  - review image.
I'm a Mother of 2 and This is My Experience With Vaginal Rejuvenation  - review image.

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Performed 2016

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This is going to be a long experience, so buckle up!

I am a 38 year old woman with 2 beautiful boys. All of my children were birthed through my vaginal canal. My first child was born with an episiotomy and ventouse (vacuum) delivery. At my request, my OB gave me a shot of local anesthetic just prior to my child's birth and things went well. I recovered very well from this birth. My second child was a big boy, weighing in at 7.5lbs, or 3.4 Kg. Due to his size, my vagina was ripped apart.

Prior to my first child's birth, I had always had a very active sex life with my partner. My husband and I always enjoyed our sex lives and never had any issues. Sadly, after each birth, I noticed the pleasure I once had from sexual intercourse began to diminish. My orgasms were never as intense and eventually, I had little desire to even have sex. It felt like the act of sex was not worth the payoff I was getting. Sad, but true. Additionally, I began to suffer from urinary incontinence, which was a big problem for me.

Fortunately, it turned out there was a medical reason for my sexual dissatisfaction and urinary incontinence. I was suffering from vaginal wall prolapse, cystocele and rectocele. Vaginal prolapse happens when stabilizing structures that maintain the positioning of the vagina weaken and eventually collapse. This can cause the bladder, uterus, small bladder, rectum, urethra to become unstable. A cystocele occurs when your bladder pushes against the weakened structures of the vagina, causing it to 'sink down' into it. A rectocele occurs when the rectum pushes into the vagina. Yea... it's about as fun as it sounds.

Knowing that I did not want to live the rest of my life without sexual satisfaction and incontinence, I decided to look into vaginal rejuvenation procedures. At first, I looked into radio frequency treatments, but quickly realized they would be of little use to me. I needed a surgical procedure to fix my issues.

After doing a good amount of online research, I eventually settled on Dr. Michael Goodman, a board certified OB/GYN in Davis, California. Although plastic surgeons offer cosmetic surgery procedures for a woman's vagina, many are relatively new to the field and don't have a lot of experience doing the procedure. I wanted a doctor who had both a functional and aesthetic understanding of my lady parts. Dr. Goodman had been highly praised online, both for his work and bedside manner, which I can personally attest to as being amazing.

After consulting with Dr. Goodman, I settled on having a perineorrhaphy combined with a vaginoplasty, and a labiaplasty. I decided to have a labiaplasty during these procedures, because I was not satisfied with the small lips of my vagina, or labia minora, as they were not aesthetically pleasing, especially during sexual intercourse. My outer lips, or labia majora, however, were fine.

I must also add that Dr. Goodman was such a gentlemen during my consultation. During my physical exam, he was very upfront about what was doing and clearly explained my issue, what he could do to solve it and the pros, cons and risks associated with my procedure. His medical staff was also great. All of the ladies in the office were so kind and caring.

I decided to schedule my procedure and before I knew it, it was time to have it done.

The procedure itself was not bad at all. It was done in his office with local anesthesia. Despite what I had read online, the injections of local anesthetic were not very painful. The most uncomfortable part of the entire surgery was having to lie in the same position for a long period of time, with a doctor and staff looking down your vaginal opening!

After my vaginal reconstruction procedure was finished, I began to feel a significant amount of pain in the area that was just operated on. Thankfully, the pain medication I was given went to work very quickly and diminished the pain.

My post op recovery period was filled with ups and downs. The first 48 hours post-op were the toughest. The pain medication I had to frequently take left me constipated. My toilet began to hate me and I began to hate it. Also, as expected, my private area was quite swollen and I found it necessary to lie down quite frequently.

At 7 days post-op, my constipation improved. I credit this to prunes and Miralax, a laxative used to treat constipation. Walking was still a bit painful, but tolerable depending on the shoes I wore. I did, however, try to stay on my back as much as possible.

At 10 days post op, I no longer need pain medication. My vaginal tissue, especially my labia, were much less swollen and everything was beginning to look great. I was also given a device to help strengthen my pelvic floor, which are the muscles important for vaginal tightening and controlling the movement of urine and bowel movements (had to wait 5-6 weeks to use it though). At this point, I had some mild bleeding, but nothing overly concerning.

By 14 days post op, I was beginning to feel great. My pelvic floor was getting much stronger and I wasn't afraid of squeezing my muscles. Heck, I was even able to perform Kegel exercises and feel like it was it was helping my pelvic floor muscles - something I had never felt post-birth prior to surgery.

By 2 months post op, I was fully recovered and began having sex with my husband again. My husband immediately noticed how much tighter I felt. At this point, I also felt like all of my organs had been restored to their proper place. I no longer had issues with urinary incontinence and was able to fully empty my bladder without feeling like I had to push. My rectocele repair also made it easier for stools to pass. My entire body felt like it did when I was younger, before I ever had kids. My vagina was very tight (Femilift, a laser vaginal rejuvenation device, was definitely helpful for this), not nearly as dry and I was much more easily aroused due my stronger vaginal muscles.

Overall, my entire procedure went very well and my recovery time wasn't too bad. Rejuvenation surgery gave me the best results I could have hoped for and was absolutely worth it! I am very happy I picked Dr. Goodman and my self-esteem has been restored. My husband even claims I've returned to the freak in the sheets I was prior to having my children. This comes as no surprise though, as I have a strong sexual response from having intercourse now. My orgasms are very strong now and my sexual activity is at an all-time high. It feels great to feel like I did when I was in college.

For anyone considering this surgery, I would highly recommend it! It's a life changer! Good luck!



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