Invisalign Fixed The Gap in My Front Teeth Quickly!

WIKristen Patient gender: Female Patient age: 28 Location: Schofield, WI Cost: $4,500

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Performed 2017

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My name is Kristen and I’m 25 years old. I started my Invisalign treatment to close the gap between my front teeth. After doing some research and attending various consultations, I ended up choosing Dr. Dennis Fehrman and Dr. Jen Roloff of Fehrman Orthodontics. Dr. Fehrman and Dr. Roloff are a father-daughter team located in Schofield, WI. They had excellent online reviews and they have been extremely kind and thorough throughout my treatment. My Invisalign treatment started with an hour-long consultation where they explained how it works, how long it typically takes, and how much it would cost. After the consultation, they took impressions of my teeth. For this, they took a full-arch metal tray and put a putty-like material all over it. They then pressed it onto my teeth. The putty oozed around my teeth and they left it on for a few minutes so that it would begin to harden. Once the impressions were formed, they had to pry it out of my mouth which didn’t feel the greatest! It felt like they were going to pull my teeth right out! They did the top and bottom arch separately. Unfortunately, they had to do this process a couple times because they had to make sure that the impressions were perfect. After completing this step, they sent the impressions to the Invisalign company. I had to wait about 3-4 weeks for my trays to be made and sent back to my orthodontist. Once my trays arrived, I went back in so they could put “attachments” onto my teeth. These attachments are what the trays clip into to hold them into place. Basically, they put a cement-like mixture onto various teeth, allowed it to harden, and then sanded away the excess cement. These attachments stay on your teeth throughout the entire Invisalign treatment. They felt strange at first but I got used to them quickly. Now onto the worst part in my opinion! They had to sand in between my teeth in order to make room for my teeth to move. This is called interproximal reduction. They take a tiny tool that looks like a mini nail file and feels like sandpaper. They sand in between the teeth that are too close together. A word of advice: if they are doing this and you feel an electric shock, make them stop! This means they’ve done enough on that specific tooth and they are hitting a nerve. When I got my first set of trays on, my teeth were very sore for the first couple of days. I change my trays about every 10 days so they are usually sore 2-3 days after I change them and then the soreness subsides. With Invisalign, you are allowed 4 hours per day to have them out. There are no restrictions on what you can eat or drink, unlike braces. Every time you want to eat or drink something besides water, you must remove your trays. This was a little difficult for me to get used to. I’m someone who likes to graze throughout the day so not being able to eat whenever I wanted was hard. You are also supposed to brush/floss before putting your trays back in. I’m very strict about this because I don’t want my teeth to stain! Invisalign does affect your lifestyle a little. It makes it a little tricky to dine at a restaurant or go out for drinks. Since you can only have them out for four hours per day, you must be mindful about your daily plans. For example, if you have plans to go out to dinner and you anticipate dining for two hours, you need to make sure you leave enough time for this. I also felt very self-conscious about taking my trays out in the middle of a public space. It’s not the most attractive thing to be yanking about saliva-filled trays at a restaurant, but I got used to being discreet about it. Overall, I’m very happy with how my Invisalign treatment progressed. My gap closed within seven months! I think my favorite thing about Invisalign is the fact that it isn’t very noticeable. Most people didn’t even realize that I had them in! I feel a thousand times more confident than I did before. I spent most of my life smiling with my mouth closed because I hated how my teeth looked. Now, I actually love my teeth and my smile. I’ve never felt better!

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