Invisalign Is Worth Every Single Penny I Spent on It

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Performed 2011

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All my life I never had the most perfect teeth. When I was younger, traditional braces were my only option. My parents wanted me to get them for a long time but I resisted. I think it was my freshman year of high-school when my dad tried one last time to convince me to get braces. Even my own dentist, who cleaned my teeth, used to always ask me why I wasn’t getting braces. Long story short, I never got regular braces. I was always scared of getting them.

Once I got out of high-school, my teeth began getting worse. It got to the point where I wasn’t happy at all. I didn’t want to smile. My boyfriend realized this and suggested consulting with an orthodontist about Invisalign. He said I should at the very least see if I was a good candidate for the Invisalign treatment and if I was, I should find out what it cost. I visited Invisalign's website and I found an orthodontist who had Invisalign in my area (Dobbs Ferry, NY).

I had never personally met the orthodontist I consulted with before, but I had friends who went to him and said he was great. I walked into Dr. Ossen's office in Hastings, New York, and he was sweet and told me I was a good candidate and could finance my Invisalign treatment or pay for it upfront. He told me I was going to need buttons, which are Invisalign attachments that go on your teeth to make it easier for the trays to fit on your teeth. The buttons help move your teeth. I also found out my dental insurance had an orthodontic care stipend and I would receive a few thousand towards my treatment. My Invisalign cost $6500 for my whole treatment. Not cheap but affordable with the reimbursement from my insurance company.

The next step of the process was getting clay molds taken of my teeth. These dental impressions are used to make the Invisalign aligners. The clay didn't taste good and it was a bit uncomfortable having them in my mouth. These days most orthodontists use digital scanners and not clay molds. In 2011, when I got Invisalign, clay dental impression trays were your only option. You should be happy you're living in the age of technology!

A few weeks later I received my Invisalign aligner trays. The trays come in plastic packets that have serial numbers on them, which you can use to identify a tray if you lose it. I also had buttons put on the teeth that needed them. Having the buttons put on was very simple. The doctor used some sort of gel to attach them. It was not a big deal.

When I first started wearing the trays, I had a slight lisp when speaking and the edges of each tray were a bit sharp and poked my gums. I had to shave down the sharp edges with a cheap nail file from Walgreens. The new trays are tighter and you feel the tension, so it’s best to put them in your mouth just before going to sleep, so that way you sleep through the discomfort. I had to change trays almost every week, so this was a frequent event. You’re also a little sore when you switch to a new tray until the middle of the week. You get used to wearing and maintaining the trays after a little while though.

My teeth got straighter every few weeks. After a few months, my teeth were pretty darn straight. After 3-4 months, my orthodontist took the buttons off and my new trays started to fit much more comfortably. 1 year later, my teeth were very straight. I could have walked away and I would have been happy at that point. However, my orthodontist had me switch to just wearing Invisalign at night to see how I did. My bottom teeth resisted remaining straight but my top teeth did fine. My mouth is too small for my teeth, which puts a lot of pressure on them to move. I went back to Dr. Ossen and he said lets put some buttons back on and let’s do a little tweaking.

18 months after my treatment started, I now have perfectly straight teeth. I currently wear a removable retainer only at night to maintain my teeth! I can't recommend Invisalign enough. It is worth every single penny I spent on it. My teeth could not look any better. Dr. Ossen is also an amazing orthodontist. He is so sweet and caring. I recommend Invisalign for anyone who wants to straighten their teeth and is considering traditional metal braces. Invisalign is more expensive, but you can't beat wearing clear plastic aligners versus big metal braces, especially when the end results will be the same.

Dr. Stephen Ossen

Hastings-On-Hudson, NY

Dr. Steven Ossen Orthodontics - Hastings-On-Hudson, NY

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