Invisalign Treatment Was Great Success! Highly Recommend!

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Performed 2017

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When I was young, like most kids I indulged in a ton of candies and sweets. Obviously, this may not be the cause of my teeth growing in crooked but I’m sure it did not help. I was lucky enough to have parents who knew the importance of having straight teeth and good oral hygiene.

At around age 10 I went to the orthodontist and was given regular braces. My favorite part was being able to pick the colors of my rubber bands (of course this was before the time I needed to impress girls) that were placed on the metal braces.

After a couple years of braces, permanent retainers, and pallet spreaders my teeth were good to go!


Recently I noticed that I had some tooth movement in my lower teeth. Since I had regular braces, over 20 years ago, I have had pretty close to perfect teeth. Since I feared that they might be moving a little, I made a visit to my general dentist and inquired on the potential treatment options. I told him that at my age having traditional braces again was not an option and he agreed.

After taking x-rays, he told me that my teeth were relatively straight and he would need to send in my pictures to Invisalign so they could make a judgment on how many Invisalign trays I would need. My dentist did not think that I would need more than 2 because it really was only one tooth up front that was a bit crooked.

A week later I got a phone call from my dentist who had some news about my potential Invisalign treatment. He called me first because he wanted to make sure that I was okay with the cost of the trays (actually tray for me – I got off easy). He told me that my one tray would be $500 and after I finished my treatment I could use it as a removable retainer while I sleep. We both agreed this was a great option for me and he went ahead and ordered my “clear braces.”

The tray was in rather quickly and I went in to see him to start my Invisalign journey. He pulled out and opened a blue retainer box, which had my clear plastic tray in it. Before he put the clear aligners on my teeth he used a drill of some sort to make a small gap in my front two teeth. These were the teeth that were a bit overlapped and crooked. He told me the reason for doing this was so that they had room to move while I wore the Invisalign. After making a small gap (and I mean very small – you could not notice anything unless you looked very closely), he gently placed the Invisalign over my teeth and showed my how to properly make sure it was firm on the back of my teeth before I secured the front. I do not have wisdom teeth anymore, but I assume if I did it would be harder to get the plastic on. He told me the entire treatment for me would be 3 months of wearing it all the time, except when I ate.

My first few days of wearing it my front teeth were very sore when I tried to eat anything. I made sure not to bite with them and I used the back of my mouth for all my chewing. Even throughout the first few weeks, my front teeth remained quite sore. But the second month it seemed like my teeth were lining up properly and I was just in maintenance mode; making sure that my teeth permanently stayed in place.

I ended up wearing it everyday for even longer than 3 months just to make sure I had that great smile! And after that I would wear it every night as a retainer, which I still do to this day. Every night that I put it in, it is snug for a few minutes and then feels fine. I will continue to use it at night so my teeth remain in place.

Throughout the entire 3+ months I had very little side effects. Of course in the beginning there was a little discomfort with how snug the Invisalign was. Once I got used to the feeling it was no big deal. Also, I did end up getting a couple canker sores, but nothing that seemed alarming to me. Besides these two minor side effects, all was good and I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone and everyone looking to straighten their teeth. My favorite part was I did not have to get an orthodontic treatment or opinion; I did it all through my dentist. And I believe you don’t even need to go through your dentist anymore, you can do it all through Invisalign. I trust my dentist so I figured I would just let him tell me what avenue to take.

I know my procedure was quite inexpensive because I only had 1 tray. Just so you know what a full treatment might cost - a friend of mine was give 13 trays and his Invisalign cost was $6,000. So I think it all depends on how crooked your teeth are.

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