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I recently went to my dentist for a standard semi-annual cleaning and decided to inquire about clear braces. I recently got a bonus from work and I decided that I would spend some of it on myself and put the rest away in savings as I continue to save to purchase a house. My dentist told me that he was an Invisalign provider and if it was something that I was interested in he could take a mold of my teeth and send it to Invisalign to get a quote and my treatment time.

The benefit of the invisalign vs traditional braces was that I would be able to wear them pretty inconspicuously. The align technology would make it possible for me to get straight teeth without having to go to work with a mouthful of metal braces. Although I think I would have bit the bullet and done regular braces if I absolutely had to, I thought this would work just fine. So my dentist took a mold of my teeth which was a little bit uncomfortable especially if you have a bad gag reflex. However, I made it through the mold and he told me that he would give me a call in the coming weeks to discuss my potential Invisalign treatment.

Two weeks went by before I got a call from my dentist with my Invisalign cost and treatment time. I had quite crowded teeth and an overbite so there would be some drilling and adjustments that he would have to make along the way. They had me set for a one year plan consisting of 26 sets of aligner trays at a price of $6,000. He also said we might need to place a clear brace on some teeth and put rubber bands on during the treatment. This would help adjust my bite properly.

I agreed to the Invisalign procedure and had to wait a few weeks to get my clear plastic Invisalign aligners. When I visited the dentist to get my first batch of aligners, my dentist did a little drilling on my teeth to give them the proper space to move over time with the treatment. He wasn't sure yet if I would require rubber bands, but the first day I just walked out with the regular aligner over my teeth. When he put the first set in he had to really force it down. I honestly was not expecting how painful it was going to be. I felt strong pressure on my front two teeth and in the back of my mouth where my wisdom teeth were. He told me it was normal to feel the pressure in my mouth, and over time throughout each new set of aligners I would feel less pressure, which meant my teeth were shifting.

He gave me 4 sets of Invisalign trays and I would come back to him in 2 months to go over my progress. Everything was going well and I was on a strict regimen on how I handled my schedule. You are supposed to wear the aligners pretty much the entire day, except when you are eating or brushing your teeth and I followed these rules to a T. If I wasn't having breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the plastic trays were in my mouth. I would get excited each 2 weeks to put the new tray in my mouth and see my progress.

The next time I saw the dentist for a check up he was very happy with the progress that he was seeing but he did want to put on rubber bands towards the back of my teeth. An metal attachment was put toward the back of my mouth where my wisdom teeth were in order to accommodate the rubber bands. There are a couple of things that stink about the rubber bands. First off, they are noticeable when you talk or smile and second it makes it even more of a pain when you go to eat. He will teach you how to put them on properly. It takes a little time to get used to but once you do its not so bad.

Because of this I found myself eating even less because I didn't feel like messing with my rubber bands at work. I started to lose weight because I was only eating in the morning and at night. I did cheat sometimes and drank some coffee during work but it was mostly Iced so I would use a straw.

I followed my program for the next 10 months pretty constantly. Towards the end of my one year, my dentist was still not happy about a couple teeth and thought I could get some improvement with a few more months of trays so he re-molded my teeth towards the end of my one year and sent them off for a few more trays. With these trays he had me switching them each week because it was just the finishing touches. It was crazy when I would look at my progress pics. My first few months I had such crooked teeth and I just saw each appointment my teeth getting straighter and straighter.

My end result was tremendous and I couldn't have been happier. The price of this orthodontic treatment is a little steep but I would have paid double what I paid because of how much more confident it made me. I now had the perfect teeth I have always searched for and a beautiful smile. There are now a lot of clear aligner alternatives to Invisalign but the reason that I chose it was because I felt comfortable under a dentist's supervision. Hope this helps someone when making a decision about their teeth!

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