Invisalign Was Life Changing For Me

Eklasty Patient gender: Female Patient age: 24 Cost: $3,358

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Performed 2017

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This is my journey with my Invisalign treatment from 2015 to 2016. I'm 21 years old and live in Minnesota.

Starting from the beginning, I had really crooked teeth and this really didn't hit me until I was in middle school, where I started to actually care about my appearance. I had developed ways to hide my crooked teeth, like always being seated in a position so that I could cover my mouth with my hand. As you can imagine, constantly having your hand touch your face causes bacteria to get on your skin and causes acne. Then I was left being ashamed of my skin because of the acne and my teeth because they were crooked. Talk about double trouble!

For almost 9 years, I tried getting braces, but every time I went to the orthodontist, they would tell me I needed braces and would say they were going to speak with my insurance company to get them approved. Each time I would wait three months to hear back from my insurance company, and every time I was rejected because they said my jaw was structurally ok and the braces were only needed for cosmetic reason, which they wouldn't cover.

I grew up with 8 siblings and a single mom, so we didn't have five thousand dollars laying around to fix my smile, even though my mom knew how much it affected me. She simply could not doing anything about it because of the financial burden. That really took a toll on me, because I didn't understand why the doctors would tell me I needed braces and then my insurance company would tell me something completely different.

Fast forward to spring 2015. I was browsing the web one day and saw this company, I forget the name of it, but they basically send you a mold in the mail, you use it and send it back. Then they used the mold to make a clear retainer that would straighten your teeth without every going to orthodontist. The cost of the treatment was $1,500. I thought it was a scam, so I kept searching the internet to find a new orthodontist that was near me. I ended up finding Twin Cities Dental in Champlin, MN, and scheduled an appointment with them.

When I arrived at my appointment the next day, all I wanted was a consultation, but the doctor who saw me gave me some amazing news. I felt like my prayers had been answered. The doctor told me he had a Groupon deal going on, where I could get Invisalign for $3,358. He also said I could finance it with monthly payments. I was working at the time and could afford it. I took the deal and was so happy that I was going to finally fix my teeth. At that time, Invisalign was normally $6,700, so this was an amazing deal, especially since before he told me about the deal, I was going to get Six Month Smile, which are basically metal braces that are color matched to your teeth. They are less visibile, compared with Invisalign that uses completely clear aligners, which are nearly invisible. I was so thankful that timing was on my side. I was finally going to get what I wanted! I had my molds done that same day.

When I received my first Invisalign aligner trays, it was very hard getting use to them. They felt like I had was wearing another pair of teeth at first. This feeling went away the next week, as I grew more used to wearing the trays. My trays were changed out every two weeks and with each tray my teeth were straightened a little bit each time.

The instructions I received from my orthodontist regarding the trays, was that I should brush my teeth after each meal. I found this to be very inconvenient. What I didn't realize, was that brushing your teeth after eating was extremely important. This is because the trays block your saliva from cleaning your teeth, meaning the food just sits there and bacteria are allowed to flourish. This caused me to get cavities, which sucked, but the final results Invisalign gave me were worth the trouble. After 24 trays, I got the smile I ahve always wanted.

When your Invisalign treatment is over, you have the option to get a retainer. I chose to get 4 of them for my top teeth. This was probably the best decision I made, because I have already lost 2 retainers and if I didn't have backup sets, my teeth would have probably shifted back to being crooked again.

I really recommend Invisalign. It has honestly changed my life and I am no longer ashamed of giving people a big smile.


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