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I knew that the first thing I wanted to do once I started receiving some spending money was fix my crooked teeth. I had just graduated from college and was still living at home so I knew that I would be able to afford some sort of orthodontic treatment rather soon. I did have a bit of hesitation being a 22 year old guy with traditional braces, but I figured that 12-18 months of sacrifice will be worth it for my personal and even professional career. I made an appointment with a local orthodontist to evaluate my teeth and get the process started.

At my consultation the ortho showed me a set of molded teeth and how metal braces work to give me straight teeth. He also discussed other options with me such as lingual braces or invisible aligners such as Invisalign. The consultation as very informative but it was a lot of information to process and I told him I would like to go home and discuss the treatment options with my parents.

What ended up happening was a discussion with my parents in the summer months and then we kind of kept pushing it off. It was a combination of me starting my job and trying to balance my work schedule with normal daily life obligations that gave me little time to worry about getting straighter teeth. I ended up finding a pretty good solution when I was scrolling through my Instagram, I saw an advertisement for a company called Smile Direct Club. SDC seemed like a really good option for me because you could supposedly do everything on your own without frequent visits to a traditional orthodontist.

I decided to go to their site and do a little digging and learning about the entire process. I also went on youtube and watched some videos of people's smile direct club reviews. I wanted to make sure that I was a suitable candidate to do the treatment plan on my own versus going to a orthodontist and getting braces. Around the time that I was considering smile direct club, I had a standard cleaning session with my dentist. I asked him if he had any opinion about the procedure and he told me that it could work wonders if your teeth are not too crowded. He told me he provides Invisalign (licensed dental professionals can) treatment to patients, and if their teeth are very crowded it sometimes takes some drilling to make sure they have enough room to for proper tooth movement with the invisible aligners.

My dentist is a family friend so he didn't really try and sell me on Invisalign but rather told me that he thought I would be a good candidate for invisible aligners. He told me that smile direct club would work with me as well if I didn't feel like doing everything at home. If you do want to do it at home they will send you an impression kit with instructions on how to properly complete it. My dentist told me it was probably easier just to go to a smileshop, which are located around big cities and I could go in and have 3D images taken of my teeth. He said I could do it at home if I wanted but why not actually go in and ask any questions I might have.

So finally I went in to the smileshop and got everything done for my personalized new aligners. I was very impressed with their customer service and they were quite straight forward on what I would be getting in the mail and how I could follow my progress. When I went into the shop they took 3D images of my teeth and I filled out all of the proper paperwork. They were running some sort of special at the time but I'm not sure if it is always this way. I opted to pay via a monthly payment. I did actually save the money to pay for it all at once, however I liked the idea of the plan because it worked best with my budget and trying to save money and move out of my parents house. The treatment cost ended up being around $90 a month. With the deal I think I got some free whitening product in the mail and they also gave me a whitening treatment in the office. My only complaint in my beginning process was it took a few weeks for me to get the clear aligners in the mail. I ended up calling a representative up at customer care because I was a little nervous that something went wrong, but they apologized and told me that I should be receiving them soon.

When I finally got my new treatment plan it was designed with 26 invisible aligners. It didn't seem like that severe a case of crooked teeth, but to me they were not straight and I was ready to start my journey. I would switch to a new set each 2 weeks and you are able to follow online what your teeth will look like. This was pretty cool because it was something that I could look forward to. I would always think about things like "when I make it to Easter my teeth will be this straight."

The treatment went pretty smooth but there were some annoyances. The first time you put on each set of aligners they are super snug. My teeth would be very sore. They recommend you keep them in for around 22 hours a day and only take them out to eat and brush your teeth, but I always found myself playing with the aligners the first couple days of each set. This is because of the tension I would feel on my teeth, I always found the urge to take them out for a min or so here and there. A little trick that I discovered was when you switch to a new set of aligners you should do it at night. This way you are asleep while your teeth are adjusting to the new mold.

Your teeth will be super sensitive when you try and chew hard foods and sometimes you won't even be able to chew them without severe pain or an adjustment with what part of your mouth that you chew with. I did find myself changing my diet a little and avoiding and semi-hard to hard textured foods. Depending which teeth are really crooked will be where you feel the most sore because the aligner is trying to move that tooth (or teeth). For me it was my lower teeth in front were crooked so they would be very sore when biting anything. Funny little benefit was that I ended up losing weight while doing smiledirect because I wasn't able to snack during the day. Also, I did get a bunch of sores on my mouth because of the aligners pressing against my cheek.

I went through the entire plan without a hiccup. I was actually very proud of how diligent I was with making sure I always had the aligners in and that I would brush my teeth after each time I ate. I figured that it was worth making sure to do it exactly as I was told so I didn't have to do it again.

Once the year was over I was given a retainer of my final mold that I now wear at night so my teeth wont shift again. The next time I went in for dental work, my family friend dentist gave me a nice compliment and told me he was proud I was starting to really take care of my teeth, because it makes his job easier.

Trust me if you are considering finding a way to straighten your teeth this is going to be your best option. You don't have a mouth full of metal and rubber bands as an adult and it really is very simple. I waited a long time for this new smile and I couldn't be happier. Smile Direct Club is a great product and its really an inexpensive way to improve your life a lot. I'm sure you can find a way to save $100 a month for a year. Hope this review helps!

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