IPL Treatment For Rosacea

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Performed 2016

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I began developing Rosacea in my late 30’s. My face would flush and my eyes would water. I would get little sores on my cheek area that would not go away, even sometimes with medicine from the doctor. My cheeks, chin, lower jowls and even forehead were all red from capillaries.

My rosacea really began to bother me as my cheeks got redder and redder from the
broken capillaries. The flushing and sores were secondary to how much the capillaries aged me.

My doctor in Singapore, Dr. Komathy, told me she could clear it up with 5-6 treatments with an IPL laser and I was happy to give it a try knowing my insurance would cover part of it.

The first treatment was the worst. Dr Komathy told me she could not numb the area because that would force the capillaries to constrict thereby making them harder to hit with the IPL laser. We took lots of breaks for pain relief, even using the ice pad to numb each area before treating it. However, I was very willing to endure the discomfort because I was truly excited to fix it. It did hurt, A LOT. By the end my eyes were watering and my face was on fire.

Afterwards, I began wondering if that amount of pain was worth it.

After a day I had flash marks all over my face from the beam. I stayed inside, and I stayed out of the sun, like the doctor suggested. You could see rectangular marks from the laser. And my face stayed very red and inflamed for about three days. I actually worried if I had done some serious damage to my face in undertaking the IPL. I had researched it before having it done and saw some of the burns that were incurred during treatments. But I chose a really good, knowledgeable doctor who I had been using for years, and whom I trusted.

After continuing to research it, I discovered the extreme redness was most likely due to my fair skin and that lots of others had similar experiences.

The next time I went back, two weeks later, the treatment was much better and hurt a lot less. My face got extremely red though and worried the doctor. She had me stay around for a bit to make sure the color dissipated. Within a few hours the color disappeared, unlike with the first treatment.

Each time back was easier and easier. Because I was leaving Singapore I ended up only doing five treatments but it was enough to clear up all the rosacea.

It does feel like someone is taking a rubber band and popping you really hard on your face with it. But the rubber band strikes were less hard each time. If you can make it through the first one, you can finish out your treatment.

My face remained quite hot for a few hours after each time, but before evening it would cool off and I was fine. Several treatments left me with visible marks from the laser but they would go away within a few days as well, and they didnt hurt. They were large whelps in the shape of the wand.

After the last treatment my face was completely cleared of all the redness. The flushing had stopped and no more sores.

I couldn’t be happier with this treatment. It’s been about a year and a half and I am still going strong and haven’t needed to have it done again. I know I will coming up but for now I”m really happy I had this done.