It was Time For Botox at 26

RachelH Patient gender: Female Patient age: 29 Location: Portland, Oregon Cost: $384

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Before My Botox Treatment Between Eyebrows - It was Time For Botox at 26  - review image.
Before My Botox Treatment Forehead Wrinkles - It was Time For Botox at 26  - review image.
Before My Botox Treatment Relaxed Between Brows - It was Time For Botox at 26  - review image.
After Botox Treatment Forehead Relaxed - It was Time For Botox at 26  - review image.
After Botox Treatment Forehead Looking Up - It was Time For Botox at 26  - review image.
After Botox Treatment Eye Area - It was Time For Botox at 26  - review image.

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Botulinum toxin A


Performed 2018

Procedure review

I have always had an overly expressive face. Meaning I never hold back when it comes to raising my eyebrows or going above and beyond with my smile. Now that I am getting older, I have decided that the best thing I can do to keep my youthful appearance is get Botox. Currently I am 26 years old. I know that there are many different point of views when it comes to anything cosmetic. It isn’t something I just randomly bring up at social gatherings, but I do know that I don’t want to deal with the harsh reality of not getting carded anymore. At least not until its obvious. I live in Vancouver Washington, my nurse practitioner who injects me is Rachel Pangilinan. The clinic I receive treatment at is Skin by Lovely located on 23rd in down town Portland Oregon. When I went in for my preventative Botox, Rachel wanted to go with a more natural look so I didn’t look stiff or aged. She told me we could always add more but the goal is to look natural. My forehead lines were injected with 8 units, all of which were done with 8 individual needles. I did have bug like bumps on my forehead after the injections that went down within 10-15 minutes after the injections. In between my brows I received 15 units of Botox along with 1 unit under the arch of my right brow to give it an equal height to my left brown. The left side of my face is more predominant so more or less will be add to the left side to gain symmetry. I also received 6 units per side for my crows feet. I only had 3 noticeable lines around my eyes so Rachel decided to go light. Most people have at least 5 lines before they get Botox.

The pain I experienced during this procedure was a zero. I was numbed with ice and felt no pain. I felt like my experience was quick and pain free, I did not experience swelling or redness after my injections. I went to work shortly after with no issues. I did not experience bruising and I noticed results within 3 days after my injections. I paid $12 per unit, I paid a totally of $384 and I also used the rewards program they offer.

I began to see full results of my botox within 7 days. I am unable to frown, in a way that overly wrinkles my forehead. I can still frown, raise my eyebrows and squint my eye, but now it is in a less dramatic way. My forehead feels heavy since I received botox, almost like it has a small weight sitting on it. It is actually a nice feeling because it makes me conscious of not being overly expressive with my face.

I have already book an appointment for my next botox treatment in 4 months. I have decided that botox is the way to go, at least for me! I want to age gracefully and I feel like Botox gives you the ability to choose how and when you begin to look older. With all of the toxins we encounter, from cars to airplanes it is important to care for the only body/face you get! No one wants to look 60 when there 30. some may call it vanity others may say its an insurance policy. Whatever the case, I have found what is working for me at this point in time. I recommend Botox as a preventative to anyone who wants a more youthful aging.

Rachel Pangilinan

Portland, Oregon

Skin By Lovely - Portland, Oregon

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